How Lifebook Helps Manage My Life, by Max

Written by Lifebook Member Max Cheng

It is a great experience to have Lifebook integrated into my everyday life. Every morning I spend at least one hour listening to the audio/video from Jon Butcher. In other hours, I follow the plan written to get tasks accomplished as much as possible. At the end of a week, I can tell the progress I made toward the goal set ahead. No time is wasted and every action is consciously taken, even when I talk with my little son.

The Lifebook Program helps me understand what I want to become and what I did not pay much attention to in my past years: Spirituality & Character, which made me not progressed much in my life evolution. For the Financial category, I was not good at managing, but now I started the first step and figured out a better plan to invest. My [biggest breakthrough] was that I realized that my emotional fluctuation is the biggest challenge for me to have a great life. I have launched a NEW Me program, which helps forge a self controlled and more friendly boss from form AND essence. Well, I want to say, “Thank you to Lifebook.” I feel the control of my life and more confidence to a brighter future.

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