36 Things Lifebook Members Can’t Live Without

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live without the countless luxuries we enjoy everyday?

What are some of the items or products that truly make your life better, and contribute to your happiness and wellbeing?

We asked Lifebook VIPS to share some of their most treasured possessions, and here’s what they came up with…


My Vitamix!

Before my Vitamix I had no idea just how smooth a smoothie could be. Now I can’t imagine how I’d get all of my nutrients and raw foods everyday without it.

Jessi Kohlhagen


My Bose In-Ear Head Phones.

The quality of music they provide is wonderful. Music makes my heart happy and to have them makes it sound like I am listening to the music being played right in front of me.

Jessica Dziurkowski


LaCroix Water

I used to drink a good deal of soda and switched it out for La Croix many years ago. They have tasty flavors.  It helped me go from drinking a couple sodas a day to a couple sparkling waters a week and I now mostly drink water and green drinks.

Natalie Whitten


A Bicycle

Nothing makes me feel more free than a bicycle! I love exploring by bike, tasting the cities I ride through. It’s a full-body experience instead of just sight.

Casey Stanton


My Smart Phone

Although I think I would survive without it, the way I live would be completely different without my smart phone. I am able to utilize pockets of time I can’t predict will be available. I have to be conscious of not burying myself in it, but find that my iPhone increases my efficiency in all sectors.

Bridget Finn


My Mac

I need my mac for communication, for planning, notes, books, music… everything, everywhere. And to me, it’s evidence of luxury – an expression of my quality of life.

Zuzana Bednarova


My Blender

For making bulletproof coffees in the morning. 🙂

Ben Simcock


My Bible

It sets the tone and vision of the day to put me in the right state and to live in gratitude.

-Alfonso DiCarlo


My Infrared Sauna

Especially in the winter. 🙂

Deborah Kowalski


Our Saladmaster Cookware Set

The best – and last – cookware we’ve ever invested in!

Chris Grier



Otherwise I would feel lonely and empty.

Max Cheng


Samsung Note 5 and EverNote

The most powerful phone on the market. 5.7″ screen, shoots 4K video, and the S Pen. Combined with EverNote, I can get anything accomplished, anywhere.

John Vieceli


Nu Skin Products

I use the skin care products everyday… They keep me looking beautiful and feeling young!

Gerrolyn Anderson


My Bungee Cord Mini-Trampoline

My trampoline is so easy and fun to work out on. It makes me happy to bounce around and catch up on podcasts or shows. It’s like not even working out… More like playtime.

Erin Diedling


My Running Shoes

Running has been a passion for thirty-plus years. It’s so good for the body and soul.

Allen Goetz


Running, Clean Water

I love my hot showers in the morning to energize me.

Elizabeth Spicher


Great Coffee

It provides me so much satisfaction in so many ways.  My consumption of it is associated with so many pleasurable experiences.

Ray Kordonowy


My PostureFit Bar

I use it everyday to workout while strengthening my posture.  I also use it frequently to work on specific exercises for others to help them get fit and strengthen their posture as well.

Liz Welch


Monoi Oil

I put it on my skin every day and I don’t get skin reactions to washing in water.

Pauline Walsh


My Motorbike

The freedom and joy my motorbike brings is amazing.

David Hendrey



I use it 3 times a day at home and it’s brilliant for taking on my travels.

Neil Fellowes


Microsoft Excel

I love learning all that excel can do.  It keeps me engaged as I learn more about its capabilities.

Sylvia Zelaya


My Convertible!

My convertible makes me HAPPY!  (And able to handle any and all traffic).  Even on these cool fall days I put the top down and crank up the heat. 🙂

Steffani LeFevour


My Flip Flops

I consider myself a minimalist. These are the one thing I put on every day, no matter what I’m walking into.

Megan Cynowa


My Notepad

I would find it very hard pressed to be a fully functional human being without a notepad for jotting down random thoughts, story ideas, etc.

Laura Gouin


My iPhone

I use it to communicate with people, research, read, make notes, wake up, get news, take photos… And the list goes on.

Roseanne Elling


My Lifebook

Why would you want to live without a plan? Lifebook allows you to have the plan, and guess what? Machu Picchu is in my plan (see 33 Places We’d Rather Be Right Now).

Jeb Durgin


My French Press

Light, rich, healthy, locally roasted coffee makes me really, really happy.

Patrick Kohlhagen


My iPad

It has my Lifebook on it, my goals and lots of other cool stuff!

Nicole Moore



My healthy lifestyle depends on it!

Connie Theisen



I love my coffee in moderation and I love Nescafe every morning. My day isn’t the same without it.

Lynn Khatib


My Yoga Mat!!!

Aydika James


The Fluxus Nomad Scarf

It was featured several years ago on Oprah’s favorites list and I have a collection of them in various colors.  I absolutely love them – they’re stylish, so soft, easy to pack and they keep me warm since I tend to run cold… They are the perfect accessory to take on a plane.

Sandra Garest


My Library Card

Whether it’s for growing my career, improving my health, finding options for dealing with a tough parenting problem, or just for entertainment, I’m addicted to books.

Christina Taylor


My Earthing Sheets

(Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. When we make direct contact with the surface of the Earth – or materials that have been “grounded,” our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better, fast.)

Heather Rice


My Hiking Shoes

Hiking in the mountains is my reset button!

Alex Sielaff

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