33 Places We’re Dying to Go (by Lifebook Members)

Lifebook VIPs are dreaming of escaping the norm and venturing out to the places on earth that strike a chord in our souls and fill our hearts with wonder.

Here are 32 places we’re dying to go, and why…

Soaking in this Icelandic geothermal lagoonPlaces-0

Jessi Kohlhagen – “Iceland is a fairy tale. Full of Earth magic, breathtaking wilderness, gorgeous skies, good people, awesome music… and of course – geothermal LAKES! (I’m a bit of a hot spring junkie). It will be a long-time dream come true when I finally arrive. :)”

Beneath the glorious pyramids of Giza


Max Cheng – “The pyramids are built by aliens or earthman?” 🙂

Soaking up this Norwegian beauty


Jessica Dziurkowski – “My great grandpa came over to America in the 1800’s and I’d love to visit the village where he was raised and learn about my nationality.”

Living it up in Andalucia, Spain


Lucie Kleinman – “I’m dying to go to Andalucia. I’d like to spend a prolonged sejour in Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla. Ideally, I’d read all of Lorca’s master works. I’d take in authentic flamenco danced by gypsies. And I sit for hours listening to live Spanish guitar while savoring Rioja and regional delicacies.”

In this hammock in Seychelles


Natalie Whitten – “Growing up, my family only ever took 2 vacations… Wisconsin and Disney. I saw a picture of the Seychelles in a magazine when I was in Middle School and always thought how it would be nice to travel so far away to such a beautiful place. I’ve since travelled a fair amount to many beautiful places, but still haven’t made it there. It will happen!”

Strolling through these Balinese rice terraces

Bridget Finn – “I’m dying to visit Bali! From what I’ve read and seen of it, Bali seems like the environment most suited to yoga, meditation, growth, and connection! I can’t wait to be in that lush, stunning, sacred place!!”

At home in Galt’s Gulch (from the book Atlas Shrugged)


Zuzana Bednoravo – “I want to visit Galt land according Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. Galt land means for me respect, love, justice.”

Smiling ear-to-ear in Bhutan (the world’s happiest country)


Jack Bosch – “Would love to travel to the country of Bhutan, because it has it’s success measured by GDH “Gross Domestic Happiness” instead of GDP (“Gross Domestic Product”) and I want to experience this J”

Standing in awe of this magical Aztec land


Ben Simcock – “I would love to go on a power journey to the ancient Toltec Pyramids of Mexico at Teotihuacan with Don Miguel Ruiz, as it would combine visiting an amazing historical place and country with a transformational experience, while hanging out with one of my heroes!”

Sitting on this balcony and dipping our toes in the turquoise waters

Alfonso DiCarlo – “The private bungalow rooms on the water in Fiji or Maldives are the most romantic place on earth.”

Hanging loose in the Hawaiian islands


Chris Busch – “I lived in Hawaii in the 70’s and would love to return. The islands hold so many beautiful memories.”

Trout fishing in the Bighorn Mountains


Chris Grier – “I’ve been trout fishing in the Bighorns 14 times and I’m STILL dying to go back.”

In foodie heaven (aka Japan)


John Vieceli – “One place I am dying to visit is Japan. Why Japan? Sushi, tea, square watermelons, culture and karaoke. It’s that simple.”

Frolicking through this field of tulips in the Netherlands


Gerrolyn Anderson – “I would love to visit the Netherlands. I am an avid gardener, and I would love to see the tulip fields in bloom with the windmills turning in the distance. I would also enjoy sampling the variety of cheeses and strolling for a bit in a pair of wooden shoes. A little shopping and a bike ride through the countryside would make this completely awesome for me! I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven!”

On this Australian stairway to heaven


Dave Jaworski – “The day Susan and I met I asked her what the one place was that she had not been to and wanted to go to… Her answer and mine were identical — Australia! We both put it in our Lifebook. We just celebrated our 33rd Anniversary. We WILL do this by the 35th at the latest.”

Strolling through history in Greece

Joel Wade – “I’ve never been to Greece, and I’d love to see the history – Athens of course, Aristotle’s birthplace of Stagira, the hanging monastery in the north, the islands…”

Bundled up at the South Pole


Missy Butcher – “Antarctica – it will be my 7th continent! :)”

Traveling like a Queen in Scotland


Susan Wade – “There are many places I’d return to in a heart beat, but my burning desire, and where I haven’t gone and would love to take time with, is Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and more of England we didn’t see the first time.”

Exploring the beauty of Budapest


Elizabeth Spicher – “Budapest, Hungary – it’s my heritage and the hot springs would be a plus :)”

Kickin’ it off the grid in Uruguay


Raymond Kordonowy – “I am looking for a stable, safe country to be free in (in the event the US doesn’t remain the best place to live) and my limited knowledge of Uruguay leaves me with plenty of fantasies that this is the place.”

Counting our blessings in the Holy Land


Liz Welch – “I would love to visit the Holy Land because the bible is amazing and I want to experience the richness of this history.”

At one with nature in Papua New Guinea


David Hendrey – “Papua New Guinea islands, unspoilt, pristine waters and abundant wildlife.”

Feeling the brotherly love in Christchurch, New Zealand


Neil Fellowes – “I want to visit Christchurch, New Zealand. My brother lives there and it’s been too long since I’ve seen him and his family and it’s time to change that.”

In this kayak on the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe


Sylvia Zelaya – “I’ve seen pictures of Lake Tahoe and know it is so beautiful and romantic.”

Kissing cheeks in this Italian village by the sea


Warren Phillips – “I have been to Europe, but not to Italy yet. I have family there and want to take my parents as a gift – especially for my mother who is my Italian connection.”

Living in romance on an extended stay in France


Laura Gouin – “I’m dying to visit France again and work from there for a month or longer (which I’ll be doing in June!). The reason being my father is from France and I’ve always wanted to spend significant time living there.”

Rippin’ it up on the Isle of Man


Lori Losch – “I’d like to take my R6 for a rip on the course in Isle of Man (a small island between the UK and Ireland)! It’s the oldest motorcycle racing circuit still in use is the Snaefell Mountain Course over which the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races are run. This circuit is the epitome of the natural road course – all the roads used being ordinary public highways closed for the racing and practice sessions.”

Chillin’ with these llamas in Machu Picchu, Peru


Jeb Durgin – “Machu Picchuis freakin’ phenomenal. How awesome is the sacred city? If you just sit there for a whole day and breathe it in, you’re gonna feel something.”

In this glass floor ocean cottage in Maldives


Connie Theisen – “Maldives = pure Bliss, peace and tranquility.”

On this longboat in glorious Thailand


Aydika James – “If I have to name one, let’s say Thailand. I’m dying to explore that beautiful warm blue water, lush green mountains, ancient temples, and brilliant smiles of the people I’ve seen in photos and heard so much about from my friends.”

Floating in the dead sea


Christina Taylor – “Israel, I’ve always been fascinated by the history and architecture. The beaches look pretty amazing too, and they’re a world leader in my industry of IT.”

At the summit of Mount Usu


Alex Sielaff – “North island of Japan (Hokkaido) to snowboard and eat amazing sushi!”

Training in the art of Kung Fu in China


Pat Kohlhagen – “There are many Eastern arts you can learn in the states, but if you want to practice Kung Fu with genuine masters, you have to travel to the temples of China.”


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