Candace’s Year with Lifebook

Let me first start by saying “THANK YOU” to Jon, Missy and the Lifebook team for selecting me as the January Health & Fitness Challenge Winner.  It’s been a busy year for me and I am now taking my trip to Cancun!  Thank you Jon & Missy for creating Lifebook, for the VIP community, the knowledge you share and the generosity you give to all of us!

Now on to the celebrations…

I’m just a couple weeks shy of my one year Lifebook anniversary and I’m wrapping it up with this fabulous trip to Cancun!  I had spent the summer before, getting down from a size 16 to a tight size 14. But packing for this amazing trip was a winning moment! I realized all my shorts were too big…I even had to get a new swimsuit! But the best part was while trying on clothes in the dressing room, I was able to fit into a size 10 pant! That hasn’t happened in probably 10 years!

Two things happened while packing –

­­First, a song came on Spotify that I hadn’t heard before from One Republic called “I Lived”.  The timing couldn’t have been better. The lyrics resonated with specific events that have happened for me throughout the year. It kick-started my brain to reflect on the last year and be really proud of everything I’ve accomplished. I highly encourage you to take a listen, so you can have a similar reflection and take pride if all you’ve done.

Second, I realized even though it hasn’t been an easy year – there’s been lots of tears… lots of tears…but I AM NOW HAPPY. I’m not sad. I don’t feel defeated. I know there is a limitless amount of joy for me to experience in this world.  I have traveled 2-3 times every month to new cities and have been trying new activities every opportunity I can.


Amazing things have happened in my life since I wrote my book.  Lifebook helps remind me each day that this isn’t a practice life and that if I want things to be different, I better take the action I seek.  However, with a vision in place and clarity on how I am going to get there, it does make it more exciting and achievable.

There was one period in particular this year that pulled me from Lifebook. I don’t want that to happen again, because during that period, I felt like I was living someone else’s life and not my own.

Packing for this trip recharged my desire to continue on my path. A path that will start tomorrow morning with a sunrise run along a beach in Mexico! Then, when I return, I will continue my focus on health and wellness, focusing more on cleaner eating, acupuncture, mental health and energy work.

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