Haydi Falls in Love with Lifebook

Telling my Lifebook story sounds like writing my autobiography. I do not plan to be intimidated by the task, so here she goes…..

I was ripe for the picking when my friend and to-be facilitator of the Lifebook program called me to invite me to participate in the journey. I was in a bit of a rut. I was fine, but not necessarily happy with many aspects of my life. I have always been a bit of a high achiever, but I was not experiencing real fulfillment in many areas of life.

Taking the initial IntraSpect Assessment gave me a taste of what I was in for. It was fun and it hooked me.

I jumped into the Lifebook process with two feet, setting aside two pieces of time each week to watch Jon’s video and to complete my assignment during the initial six-week program. I thoroughly enjoyed the introspection, critical thinking, and creativity the process brought out in me. I thrive on this kind of thing, so I was an easy customer.

I found my weak spots and strengths as identified by the assessment to match up well with how I was feeling about myself at the time. This was validating, and motivated me to set high goals for myself. I was tracking my goals well and really focused on making change in my life. I identified my love relationship with my husband as my key, over-riding goal, and really reoriented my priorities to focus on him and on us.

In retrospect, I really wish my husband had been able to go through the program at the same time as I did. I told him about my weekly exercises, and read him my vision, purpose and strategies most weeks. He was very supportive. But, he was/is in a different place in his life right now. He has to stay very focused on his start-up business, and has not had the band width to be a fully-involved partner in my Lifebook journey. We are both hoping that he will be able to do the class sometime in the next year, and that we will be able to align our goals and habits and grow together as individuals and as a couple.

I see so much good coming from [my Lifebook experience]. When I was fully focused on Lifebook and all that I was learning and feeling through the journey, I was very positive and uplifted. I felt optimistic and like I could conquer any problem.

I look forward to continuing with Lifebook, focusing on the monthly categories and immersing myself in the lessons and the deep thought that they promote.

That is my story…. as of today. I have loved Lifebook and would recommend it to anyone who can and will make the time to make the program work for them. I think it is a wonderful program for old and young alike.

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