How Jill Became the Woman She Wanted To Be…

Going through the Lifebook process has profoundly changed the way I see myself in the world. When I started it over a year ago I felt very stuck. Stuck with character traits I didn’t like but felt powerless to change, with a daily grind of negative thoughts and emotions that sapped my quality of life, with a body that felt old, tired and overweight, with an un-engaging, disappointing relationship that was heading in a direction neither of us wanted to go, with insufficient organization of my financial life, and after several years as a stay at home Mum and a move to a new country, no idea how to re-engage with work or even what on earth I wanted or could do. It all felt overwhelming. The negative emotions and thougths were the most problematic, and therapy (a lot of it!), countless self help books and a whole raft of alternative practices from acupuncture to kinesiology had made little or no difference to how I felt.

Lifebook provided the change of perspective that has enabled me to start to shift all of this.

First of all by providing the space, inspiration and structure to pull my vision out of me, for how I want my life to be across 12 crucial aspects of life. And it was easy and fun to do! Remarkable! Then by demonstrating how to make some practical changes to my daily life to create the focus, motivation, time and accountability to start to move my life in the direction I want it to go. As well as making changes to areas that are more standard in coaching, such as my fitness, relationship and finances.

Lifebook has enabled me to start to take control of my emotions and to develop the character I want, both of which are profoundly affecting all other areas of my life.

I quite honestly never realized I had this much control over my life. I know this probably sounds absurd but it’s been a revelation!

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