A Chiropractor’s Life-Changing Experience…

I have had a vision of what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to go and so on, but until I went to the Lifebook Lounge, I had never put it on paper. The Lifebook experience is exceptional in itself, but actually writing down and documenting what you want out of your life is life-changing. When you create strategies to accomplish the dreams that you have, it is immensely powerful – let alone writing them down and getting a hard copy of them when you leave.

Going through the individual categories brought light onto new subjects and avenues that I have never thought of pursuing until Lifebook. Being a vitalistic being and a chiropractor, I thought I was pretty prepared for what I had to do, but even with my background in healing and wellness I learned much more than I was expecting. Our Life Vision expanded to much more than we had thought possible or ever dreamed. And now we have the means to make our vision a reality as long as we stay committed and focused on our Lifebooks.

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