5 Ways to Attract The Right People Into Your Life

“A man with few friends is only half-developed;
there are whole sides of his nature which are locked up

and have never been expressed.

He cannot unlock himself, he cannot even discover them;
friends alone can stimulate him and open him.”

-Randolph Bourne

When it comes to expanding our social lives, quality is key.  Exceptional relationships are foundational to building a successful, fulfilling life.

But this category can be one of the most challenging of all.  It’s NOT EASY to find extraordinary people, or create quality interactions.  While we at Lifebook believe that each and every person has the potential to be extraordinary, the sad truth is, it’s a very rare and beautiful thing.

But they’re out there.  A whole world of remarkably unique and valuable individuals is within our reach.  We just have to create the opportunities to find them, and be ready when the moment arises.

Here are 5 Ways to Attract the RIGHT People Into Your Life:

1.  Be Authentic

The first step in getting what you want is knowing what it is, and the first step in attracting who you want to know is knowing who you are.  When you know who you are and what you’re all about, and you operate with integrity and live in alignment with your values and goals, you have a built-in compass to guide you toward positive, valuable relationships (and away from negative, draining ones).

All experiences start from within, and our social lives are no exception.  If we want to attract truly influential people into our lives, we must know HOW and WHERE we want to be influenced.  We have to genuinely be who we are, and act within our own unique abilities, so that we can invite people into the right areas of our lives.

2. Create Value For Everyone Around You

This is about being worthy of the presence of others.  You want to leave people with more positivity and inspiration than they had before your encounter. Everyone has the ability to express this in their own way… for some it’s through humor, while others use intellect or creativity.

Some of your relationships may be rooted in certain categories – for instance, you may have friends that are “business comrades,” or “health and fitness buddies,” or “couple friends.”  In each of your relationships there should be an exchange of value… appreciation and admiration of each other… an offering of constructive wisdom and expertise… a mutually beneficial experience.

Build your charisma and magnetism by finding your OWN unique expression of value in each of your relationships, and let it infuse every social interaction you have.  Radiate your individuality, and leave your friends always wanting more of you.

3.  Find The Greatness In Others

Give others the benefit of the doubt, and expect the BEST from them, when you know they’re capable of it.  When you expect greatness from people, they tend to rise to the occasion to prove you right.  Try not to focus on weaknesses and shortcomings – we all have them (unless they’re real deal-breakers).  Illuminate your friend’s strengths and inspire greatness in everyone you encounter by carrying an air of positive expectancy.

4.  Reach Out To Leaders and Mentors

We all have them… those shining examples in our lives that help (or have helped) us develop particular strengths and take one step closer to our greatness. The ones who inspired us to become the best version of ourselves.  These are the INFLUENTIAL people in our lives, and they are the best place to begin looking for others like them.

So pick up the phone or create a new email and get in touch with the greatest leaders and mentors in your life.  They may be people you know directly, from your past or present.  Or they may be people you’d LIKE to know… authors, speakers, celebrities, leaders in a certain field.  The point here is: don’t limit yourself.  Find people who inspire you and create real connections with them.

5.  Join Communities Of Like-Minded People

The best places to plant new seeds of friendship are within organized groups or communities that focus on a particular topic you’re interested In, giving you the advantage of immediately finding people who share a common passion.

The Lifebook community is full of some of the most successful, conscious, motivated people you could ever know.  These are people who have taken the time to think through and define who they are and exactly what they want out of life.  And they’re ACHIEVING it.  Day by day, month by month, year by year.  They are passionately committed.  And they are just a mouse-click away.

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