Caryn’s Most Groundbreaking Discovery

I had high expectations coming into [Lifebook] because I was coming with some challenges in my life; most specifically in my love life, but also with my career and attitude. I had started to feel overwhelmed at the smallest things in life and, although I had always thought of myself as a positive person, I was becoming unhappy.

My biggest expectation was in the area of love; I did not believe in love and felt that I had failed in this category over the past year. What I discovered was that I needed to ask some simple questions that I had never asked my spouse before; for example, how do you like to be loved? I am anxious to start working on my strategy in this area.

I was also coming to this session with high expectations for clarity in my career. I not only found that, but I transitioned my entire belief system surrounding Finances. That category was the most groundbreaking for me. The biggest global discovery was the simple idea that I choose everything; my thoughts, my happiness, my emotions, the way I love and allow myself to be loved; my lifestyle, etc.

That is powerful and I will be forever appreciative for this realization.

Written by Lifebook Member Caryn Kovatch

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