Living Her Dream Life

Hello! And Happy New Year! I hope it is everything of your dreams.

Lifebook has, and continues to, impact my life and it still astounds me.

Another year and once again, I find myself shaking my head and wondering if this is really happening and HOW? I keep moving forward and seeing dreams come true and it seems too good to be true. This never happened before. I slip in and listen to the Lifebook calls or the audios, I read the articles, visit the website, and I am always thinking of those core areas and my goals and strategies. But is that really all it takes? Impossible.

But each year, amazing things happen. And you’d think I’d get it by now but I still wonder how! That’s the beauty of Lifebook for me. It really works but it never ceases to amaze me.

Last year and the year before, things came true for me that I never thought would. They were things I deeply wanted and yearned for [before Lifebook], but I wasn’t doing anything actively to achieve them. I was dreaming. I was hoping, I was visualizing. And I guess I always kind of thought that it’ll just happen. And it never did. And I resolved to that. My life was happy. It was OK.

After Lifebook (game changer!) life took off.

I bought my dream house, we started a family through foster-adoption, and I elevated myself into a Director position at work (that alone was mind blowing!). I had always felt I was a leader but I allowed myself to continue thinking it’ll just happen one day in the right setting or, “I’m ok where I am”… or wonder, “why isn’t this happening for me”?

Thank you Lifebook for giving me the know-how and control of my own life…and for giving me the tools to help me feel inspired to take charge of my own life, dreams, goals, and teaching me how to grow.

This year, our adoption was finalized (on my birthday of all days!) and we are now officially the proud parents of our 2 children. I organized my first annual vacation for friends and family who we love but never see, and we met up in Canada and hung out at a lake this summer. It was so much fun that we are going to do it every year! People came! It was amazing!

And the best part is starting to happen now…fulfilling my dream of starting my own therapy company and to make a real difference. This felt so big and I felt so inspired but yet so small in the past. Somehow (aka Lifebook kick in the ass), I have taken the leap, been aligned with the best business partner, the best staff (still small but growing), and contracts and interest are coming our way! Other teachers and mentors and lovely people have come into my life that I am so grateful for and never expected. And again, this is something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS but never stepped into my own power…didn’t know how. Who is this girl?! I ask myself that a lot!

We all have different goals and dreams. To some, mine may even seem simple or small.

But that’s also what I love about Lifebook. It’s about making YOUR dreams and goals come true, no matter what they are. It’s about helping everybody.

So thank you Lifebook… for being my red nosed reindeer guiding my sleigh tonight and for another year.


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