This heart-warming video was submitted by Lifebook Member Jason Rhodes, as he decided once and for all to rid his life (and his love relationship) of a negative habit his wife had been begging him to quit for years. Something he chose to ignore for so long had turned into a real rut in their interactions together. Making the decision to take action and solve this problem said “I Love You” more profoundly than words ever could. Don't miss this heart-warming video! (And be sure to watch to the end to see the surprise that he had for Jen on their date night!)

Money is one of the most popular topics for argument between couples. What starts out as an intention for discipline and awareness can quickly turn into a barrage of negative emotions; frustration, stress, overwhelm, judgment – the list goes on.  We’ve all been there.  But does it really have to be that way? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.  As a matter of fact, it CAN’T be that way if we want to achieve financial freedom, live our very best lives, and experience extraordinary love relationships. With a little positive persistence and conscious calculation, you and your partner can be on the road toward financially free (and stress free) discussions in no time. Here are 5 ways to stop fighting and start growing as an empowered team:

By:  Dr. Nathaniel Branden
The passionate attachment between man and woman that is known as romantic love can generate the most profound ecstasy.  It can also generate, when frustrated, the most unutterable suffering.  Yet for all its intensity, the nature of that attachment is little understood.  To some who associate “romantic” with “irrational,” romantic love is a temporary neurosis, an emotional storm, inevitably short-lived, which leaves disillusionment and disenchantment in its wake.  To others, romantic love is an ideal that, if never reached, leaves one feeling one has somehow missed the secret of life.Looking at the tragedy and confusion so many experience in romantic relationships, many persons have concluded that the idea of romantic love is somehow fundamentally wrong, a false hope.  Romantic love is often attacked today by psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists, who frequently scorn it as an immature, illusory ideal.  To such intellectuals, the idea that an intense emotional attachment could form the basis of a lasting, fulfilling relationship is simply a neurotic product of modern Western culture.Young people growing up today in century North America take for granted certain assumptions about their future with the opposite sex, assumptions that are by no means shared by all other cultures.  These include that the two people who will share their lives will choose each other, freely and voluntarily, and that no one, not family or friends, church or state, can or should make that choice for them; that they will choose on the basis of love rather than on the basis of social, family, or financial considerations; that it very much matters which human beings they choose and, in this connection, that the differences between one human being and another are immensely important; that they can hope and expect to derive happiness for the relationship with the person of their choice and that the pursuit of such happiness is entirely normal, indeed is a human birthright; and that the person they choose to share their life with and the person they hope and expect to find sexual fulfillment with are one and the same.  Throughout most of human history, all these views would have been regarded as extraordinary, even incredible.

Even after all this time the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. - Hafiz Is your love conditional? How about your kindness? Is the amount you give to others dependent upon the amount you receive? If we want to create and enjoy truly extraordinary love relationships (or any relationship for that matter), we must discipline ourselves to give without expectation of the return. We must become the people we need to become in order to create positive, lasting change in our lives. It all begins within us.

Last year, Jon and Missy shared some of their best-kept sensual secrets with the community, and opened the floodgates for Lifebook couples to take their intimacy to unprecedented levels.  And because this article made such a positive and powerful impact last year, we’ve bringing it back for another year! Whether you’re one of the VIP Members who implemented some of these strategies last year, or brand new to the VIP community, we recommend you fully engage with the article and get everything you can from it. Have a personal question for Jon or Missy?  Ask away by commenting on the bottom of this post, and get a personal response!   Enjoy!  :-)

Finding and maintaining an extraordinary love relationship is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities in life. There’s simply no deeper joy than when two people fully commit to living their lives together - and do it successfully. But what, fundamentally, IS an extraordinary love relationship? What are the main attributes upon which it depends? And perhaps most importantly, if we all WANT an extraordinary love relationship, why do so few of us actually HAVE one? Our research study started out with this simple question: What do couples with an extraordinary love relationship have in common that sets them apart from couples with a mediocre or poor love relationship?   The results of our analysis surprised us…

Above all else, love requires action. There is a reason some couples can sustain an active love affair over a period of decades, while for others the fire goes out very quickly. It has everything to do with learning HOW to love each other. The real secret to an extraordinary love affair is that each person must be willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to have a great relationship. True love is much more than just experiencing an emotion for a while. We must cultivate the ability to love as an action.

Read Jon and Missy Butcher's "12 Ways To Cultivate Love As An Action:

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