The Most Overlooked Relationship Secret:  TRAVEL Imagine clicking your champagne glasses while sitting side by side on the airplane, and opening your Lifebooks together. You’re about to experience a deep romantic getaway.  Using your Lifebooks to connect with one another while traveling is one of the most powerful things a couple could ever do. Merging travel with your Life Vision can be a truly magical way to connect with your partner and the vision for the lives you are striving toward.

Article by Chris and Christina Grier
“When going through Lifebook in December of last year, one of the breakthroughs I had was realizing the incompetence I had developed concerning my most important relationships. I have been so focused for the past 10 years on my careers, first as a high school teacher, then pursuing my chiropractic education and starting a fast growing chiropractic wellness center, that I badly neglected other important categories of life, particularly my relationships. It came into crisp focus that the relationship most in need of repair was with my wife, Christina.