6 Ways Partner Meditation Will Deepen Your Intimacy

Written by Jessi Kohlhagen

Let’s face it… it’s incredibly easy for couples to get out of tune with each other.

All it takes is a busy schedule, a stressful day, or a resistant response, and suddenly you can feel like you’re a million miles apart.

The good news is there are countless strategies for nurturing your love relationship and keeping each other close. And one of the most powerful strategies of all is partner meditation.

Partner meditation provides an incredible way for you and your beloved to tune in to one another.

By taking a few minutes to meditate with your partner each day, you can strengthen your connection, deepen your intimacy, and get to know each other on a whole new level.

And it doesn’t take thousands of dollars, hours of time and energy, or days of planning.

All it requires are a few minutes of simple silence and gentle presence.

Ready to discover the power for yourself?

Here are 6 Ways Partner Meditation Will Transform Your Love Relationship:

Heightened Intuition

Meditation has countless positive benefits, but one of the most powerful of all is the deepening of awareness. As we become more aware, we tune into the subtler fluctuations occurring all around us. When couples meditate together, they develop a more refined sense of intuition, which allows them to see and feel the subtler layers in their exchanges. This puts them more in tune with each other and ultimately leads to a deeper felt sense of who their loved one is deep down, and what their needs are in any given moment.

Physical and Energetic Attunement

When we meditate with others, we bring our bodies physically close together, we share a common intention, and we drop into a deeper space within. In this space, our brain waves and energetic frequencies begin to harmonize. This helps to integrate and balance our mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies with our partner, to create a greater sense of balance, unity and harmony.

More Compassionate Understanding

Meditation can drop us into deep states of inner peace, where we can experience unparalleled feelings of relaxation, openness and ease. From this inner place, compassionate understanding becomes so much easier than if we are feeling tense, closed, or defensive. As meditation helps us access the subtler layers at work beneath the surface of our interactions, we have greater clarity and insight into where our partner is coming from and what it is that they truly need in the moment. We are less prone to judging and condemning them, and more likely to seek a compassionate, understanding and caring approach.

Better Listening and Receiving

Meditation is in many ways about listening, receiving, accepting. It is a practice where the “doing” side of ourselves (thinking, planning, efforting) gets set aside, and we become receptive antennas for tuning into the greater flow within and all around us. In this way, meditation develops our capacity to receive — to truly take in, be present with, and accept something exactly as it is — without reaction, evaluation or improvement. As a result, we can show up more fully when our partner needs us most, and make them feel truly seen and heard.

Improved Communication

Meditation cultivates the qualities of unity, harmony, balance and truth. For this reason, it is an excellent tool to call upon in moments of heated tension or argument. Turning inward and allowing ourselves to truly sit with our feelings, without indulging our knee-jerk reactions to them, can be a truly illuminating practice, and one that can mean the difference between a draining blowout fight and an honest, heartfelt conversation that actually evolves a relationship. So next time you find yourself in an escalating argument with your partner, meditate together in silence for a few moments, and then try communicating in stillness with your eyes closed.

Greater Truthfulness

True nature is alive in each of us, but it exists behind the curtain of our everyday patterns, programmed behaviors, thoughts, and conditioning. Meditation helps us clear away these distractions, bringing us in direct contact with our Truth. This simply means that when we sit in meditation, we allow ourselves to see what’s really here right now. Whether they’re thoughts, emotions, reactions, or anything else, meditation opens our awareness and cultivates our capacity to be present with what is – without denying it, indulging it, or changing it. As we develop our awareness of Truth within ourselves, we can bring this skill to our love relationship, allowing us to clearly and objectively bear witness to our experiences and ultimately transcend them by finding a higher common ground where we can do the greater work of transforming our fears, sorrows and negativities into LOVE.

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