Finding Love With Lifebook

Article by Amanda Dudl

Amanda experienced the Lifebook Program in September of 2007.  6 months later, in the same city, a stranger named Bret became a Lifebook Member.  This is the story of their love and how they are continuing to create a legendary romance.

A few months after Amanda experienced the Lifebook Program she was out to coffee with Melissa, her Lifebook Session Director.  “I knew it was one of Amanda’s dreams to meet someone who’d be on her level, really wanting to take every category of life to the furthest extent possible”, Melissa said.  “As I got to know Bret in our Lifebook session something just clicked in me that I had to find a woman for him.  I thought ‘this guy is too good to be true!’ I asked both of them if they’d be willing to connect and the rest is history… literally!”

And so, in July of 2008, they met each other for the first time. “I knew that if I didn’t meet my future husband through Lifebook it would definitely be a relationship requirement for him to go through the program.   From the very beginning it was incredibly powerful for us to have Lifebooks together.  We call them our Magic Books because everything that we write in them comes true.  We have built them into our lives together.  We even brought them with us on our honeymoon.”

“A major breakthrough that I had was that I was in control of what type of person I wanted to meet. I became aware that I needed to actively think about what qualities were important to me in a life partner, and that I could search for someone with those top qualities.  Once I put my goals on paper, I met Bret exactly 6 months later!”

From their first date together they could see the uncanny similarities between the relationship traits they had envisioned in their Lifebooks and the qualities that both of them possessed.  “We knew very early on that we were meant to be together.  It felt like we had manifested one another”, Amanda shared.  When asked what the most important characteristics he found in Amanda were, Bret replied, “It’s extremely difficult to narrow the myriad of reasons that made me fall hopelessly in love with Amanda, but the three qualities that stood out the most were that she is incredibly loving, she always wants to learn and grow with me, and she has such a strong desire to take care of her family.”

On Valentine’s Day 2008, while on a ski trip in Mammoth, Bret and Amanda were decorating their cabin for the arrival of their family members.  In the midst of scattering rose pedals and pouring champagne, Bret pulled Amanda aside to show her some improvements he had made to his Lifebook.  While flipping through, she came to a page with a single photograph on it – it was a beautiful picture of an engagement ring.  As soon as she saw the page Bret got down on one knee and proposed to her.  They spent the rest of the evening celebrating with their family.

The wedding took place in Costa Rica, and included 45 of their closest family and friends in a weeklong celebration.  They spent the following week traveling the country together on their honeymoon.

“Our Lifebooks allowed us to get to know each other on such a deep level”, Amanda said.  “From the beginning we knew exactly what we were putting into the relationship and what we expected to get out of it.  We understand that it takes extraordinary people to make an extraordinary relationship, and we are both committed to doing just that.  Having our Lifebooks makes it so much easier.”

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