One Young Woman’s Life-Changing Lifebook Experience

By: Felicia Drayton


I’d have to say a lot has really happened. Just prior to the start of Lifebook I accomplished the goals I had for myself for the prior year such as having a $1000 in checking, $5000 in savings, studying Spanish, achieving my bachelor degree, obtaining a job that pays $50,000+ a year, and having a healthy and active lifestyle.

I was worried that I wouldn’t know what else to do with myself honestly because my life had changed so much already, but I didn’t want to get stuck, stagnant or become routine where life isn’t exciting for very worth living. I knew that Lifebook would help me keep the momentum going or help me gain momentum in areas I know I didn’t often look at or even consider a category to make a goal of.

After much contemplation, I’ve come to really consider the things that would really make my life wonderful, happy, enriched and worth living.

I feel like I have gained ownership of my destiny, of my future.

I’ve learned it’s not so much about the rat race as it is about the experiences in life, the memories you make, the personal goals you set and accomplish that empowers us and brings us to life, especially for when it comes to building great relationships with myself and others.

I have a stronger sense of integrity due to having a daily ritual that allows me time for myself that I never felt I had before Lifebook (on days other than my days off of work). I have organization such as a budget, sleep schedule, daily journaling, exercises and productivity such as reading, studying Spanish, and researching natural health. My life has never had a better flow and I can feel the momentum of old ways dissipating more and more everyday.

I’ve never had more confidence in knowing exactly what I want to do in all 12 categories of my life.

A vision of becoming a naturopathic doctor once felt impossible, but with Lifebook I’ve realized that in order to fully become the person I want to become, this is exactly what I need to work toward. Plans may change along the way, but with focused action, it’s no longer impossible.

I’m possible.

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