6 Powerful Habits That Are Changing Robert’s Life

I can remember attempting to be strong and reassure my fiancee’ that Lifebook was going to be something amazing; yet I had no idea what it really was. I was out on a limb.

What I did know, was I pushed all my chips in to be part of a massive project for my career. I was under the impression that Lifebook would be a nice little off shoot of this project. It took only a couple weeks after being in the lounge to quickly realize that Lifebook was the foundation of the major project I pushed my chips in for.

I felt I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go in most areas of my life, yet, my purpose and strategies were beyond unclear. After 4 days of what most of you know to be a mindspin, I was at my best!

I felt CRYSTAL clear on my vision and felt I could breath fire with the strategies written in front of me.

My fiancee pulled out amazing things too that she had no idea where crushing her path to the lifestyle we both wanted.

We have been working so diligently over the past 10 weeks implementing things on multiple levels.

  • Exercise is now a routine 6 days a week at 6:30 am.
  • Romantic date nights happen every Wednesday starting at 5 pm.
  • Every week day at 7 pm when we both get home, we unwind by walking by the lake with a glass of wine, which we call ‘Heaven @ Seven’.
  • Our house has been Feng Shui’d and we are in the process of finalizing the hire of a housekeeper.
  • My career is seeing large growth and on a different course then is was 3 months prior.
  • My fiancee put her notice in to her current job and we created a plan for her to follow her passion of opening up her own paddle board company.

This all in between my father passing away in Feburary and us getting married in September. To say the least, we have been busy.

Yet to state it appropriately…


What the scariest thought is – we are just getting started!

To all those have not experienced Lifebook – what lifetime are you waiting for?

For all those who already have, we look forward to meeting you and forming Extraordinary friendships.

Much love lifebook family and friends,

Dr. Robert Cynowa Jr.

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