By:  Lifebook Member Jessica Simko

Lifebook could not have come at a better time for me. For six years I had been with the same organization as a Director of Human Resources. Four of those years were pretty good, but the last two were really bad. It had gotten to the point where my family my life was being affected in every way possible. I could not function anymore. I spent all my evenings and weekends dreading the next time I had to go to work. Realizing I could not continue to live this way, I made the very difficult decision of resigning in an effort to get my life back. I didn’t have another job lined up, but I didn’t care. I wanted my life back.

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January 31st came and went and I had wimped out. I had only joined the challenge on the 12th, so that meant I had 2 1/2 weeks to address my BIG BUTS.

There is a line in James Cameron’s movie, “Avatar” which really strikes a chord with me in how I arrived at this place in my life – having an absolute blast while traveling around the country with my friends in The Second City touring company making people laugh. That line is, “sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane act.”

By:  Lifebook Member John Vieceli Emotions are an incredibly interesting subject. They have a certain duality that reminds me of a concept in Zen philosophy. The concept of: 'You as center' and 'You as periphery'
  • 'You as center' refers to you as the center of your world - inside yourself - and what occurs internally.
  • 'You as periphery- refers to the meeting point between you (internal) and the outside world (external).
When it comes to my emotions I use a philosophy similar to this concept. I look at my emotions as internal (how I feel and what occurs inside) and external (how I express myself to the world around me). Each emotion has two different focal points – one facing inward and one facing outward.

For me, historically the thought of exercise has held about as much excitement as chewing on a piece of gum that lost its flavor an hour ago is tasty.  The fact that I get bored easily when I'm at the gym and that I love the Christmas fudge my family churns out every year - well, I was not the first to jump on board with the December challenge.

However, after reading a number of the intense committments others made, I thought I could probably trade in a few re-runs of The King of Queens (that Arthur just cracks me up) to get up off the couch. 

My December challenge was a success because I achieved more than I would have without it. I did exercise more than I would have even if it wasn’t daily. I really rocked on my food choices of 75% raw vegan. I even brought a watermelon filled with fruit salad that was carved like Santa’s sleigh to Christmas with my extended family. It was as big a hit as the chocolate cream pie! I used the sauna regularly, got great sleep, got adjusted regularly and the Kangan water ionizer is being shipped as we speak. I hydroflossed daily too. I also gained from this challenge a feeling of a closer bond and support from the greater Lifebook community as momentum behind my personal goals. It was great hearing everyone’s successes… and confessions! After reading Kyle’s top 10, I was inspired to play with this poem. Hope you enjoy it!

When Jon challenged the Lifebook community to be a Marine this holiday season, I was ready to set some big goals. I'm very passionate about health and fitness, so I wanted to set a high standard for myself and also goals that would really push me to the edge. During the Lifebook challenge, my goals were: 1. Increase exercise to 4-5 days per week all month long (previously averaging about 3-4 per week) 2. Increase my intensity and focus to see noticeable results (hard to measure, but more of a mindset) 3. Eat at least 2 Paleo meals per day (real foods: meat, veggies, fruits and nuts. Limit grains and dairy. No sugar.)

The December Challenge…

Wow! Where do I start? The December Challenge for me really didn’t start in December. It actually started July 22nd in the Lifebook Lounge, and the “December Challenge” for me represents another critical signpost and experience in the transformational journey I’ve been so blessed to embark on this past 6 months.

Hello Lifebook Family!  I just wanted to share my personal progress and thank all of you, because being accountable to each and every one of you has really helped (and continues to help) me stay on track and move closer to my dreams! Just to remind you, I set my overriding goal in health and fitness, to fit into a 34" waist size (I was wearing a 38" at the time of Lifebook), and to get myself a 6-pack by 12/31/10. I'm on track and happy to say it HASN'T been a hard, painful process thanks to the Lifebook experience. In fact I LOVE IT!

My Lifebook experience was one I will never forget. The last day of the program came way too quickly. It was so hard to leave the people in our group – those I felt so close to and would hold so dear in my heart. It was hard to leave a place where I felt so much love. It was a sad day for me, but also one of the single most joyous days of my life. It was a rebirth. I had spent four days of soul-searching, learning that no matter what happened to me, I could deal with it because I now had new tools to work with. I had new ways to approach concerns and new ways to try things out.