Never too late, too old, too sick

I remember when I was first diagnosed with cancer, how I instantly thought I was going to pass out. Amazing the power of the brain and how fast our bodies react to shocking news. I also remember how helpless I felt after reading the stats of this cancer.  It stuck in my mind – 100% fatal if met with the liver, normally within six months. I ignored the stats for over a year, never realizing that those very numbers were instilled in my subconscious mind.

It was then that I found Lifebook – and it was an absolute turning point for me. I was at a low point in my life and Lifebook was just what I needed. I realized then, at the young age of 56, that my whole life was ahead of me. And it’s never to late to change.

The concept that ‘Thoughts become things’ made me realize I needed to reprogram 50 years of beliefs. Since that time, and after over 90 books and countless hours of audio programs, I have opened my mind to a whole new world. I changed my environment, removed as many chemicals from everyday life (including rubbing any toxins on my skin – our body’s biggest organ). I found a diet program that worked for me.   I began consuming natural foods, not the processed garbage we call food in America, but whole foods that nourish the body, the way God intended.

After being labeled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and borderline high sugar, my Dr. at the time said, ‘Mike, both your parents had it as well. Here are free drug samples, we have NO other choice.’  But I made the choice that day to throw those drugs in the trash, and within six months all my blood levels were normal, and all by changing my diet.

Natural Health has literally become a life-long passion of mine, because I know first hand how it’s turned my life around.  Lifting myself from the fog of years of abuse to my body, I didn’t realize what it felt like to feel alive!  I no longer fear cancer cells in my body. All things in life (even bad ones) happen for a reason. We can be victims, or we can turn things around into positives.

Looking back, being diagnosed with Cancer was a good thing for me. It was a wakeup call that I needed to take care of my own health. No one else can or will, only YOU can. It may be scary being labeled with a disease they call Cancer, but one thing I learned is that when modern medicine says ‘There is no Cure’ what they mean is ‘There is no drug that will cure you’.

However, our bodies are designed to heal; we have evolved for thousands of years. Mainstream medicine is correct – there are no drugs currently that can heal cancer.  But YOU can!   If you keep the faith and remain positive – and realize that your cells are listening to your every thought – you can heal yourself! I’m speaking from personal experience here…

I am very healthy now, and appreciate life more than any time in my 57 years here on what we call planet Earth. I have not had a cold, runny nose or a headache in five years since.  I am a true believer that Food and Nutrition DOES matter – and it matters A LOT!

I take comfort knowing my body is designed to heal 24/7 given the proper fuel, water and sunlight.

It will be five years this summer, and I will officially be cured.

MikeI decided not to remain silent but share with others my personal journey. Not to boast, but to let others know how I have changed for the better. Mentality, physically and spiritually. I’ve turned my life around. And it all started with Lifebook!

Make that choice today toward a better more fulfilled life. Instead of watching the TV tonight, pick up a good book on nutrition or better health. Feed that brain of yours and rid your mind of negative thoughts (remember the subconcious mind is always listening). Find a mentor – someone you look up to whom you respect that lives the type of life you want to live. Eat that organic apple instead of sugar donut – just baby steps at first.  Learn to love every cell in your body – yes, even if cancer cells are a part of you.

Remember you’re a human being full of love, and you don’t come with an expiration date!

Much peace and love during this healing time, Mike

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