Article by Lifebook Member Jason Moore
If you’re like most people, when it comes to eating, and drinking, it tends to go one of two ways: either you eat and drink for pleasure OR you eat and drink for health. And probably do a lot of yo-yoing between the two. Most people believe they can’t have it both ways – it seems like nothing that’s pleasurable to eat and drink can really be good for you and nothing that’s good for you can really be pleasurable to eat and drink. This is BULLSHIT! A limited view of eating and drinking all begins with a limited definition of “health”. So, let’s ask the question, “what is health any way”?

Article by Mickey Trocolli
I have to admit that I got pretty choked up while writing this.  I didn’t fully realize how much my Lifebook meant to me until I took the time to write about my experience with it…   My Lifebook story actually began before I was even aware that it was happening. Believe it or not… Lifebook actually found ME! I was a 33 year old making a decent living in the nightclub industry. According to my industries standards, I was "the old guy" in the scene and I knew that I needed to make a change in my life. The problem was, I had no idea what to do next. I was in limbo.  I had no direction at all in my life. I really wanted more for myself, but had no idea where to start.  Change is one of the scariest things in life if you don't know where you're going.

Article by Greg Schulte
My story is about FREEDOM.  It serves as the ultimate representation that a win ANYWHERE is a win EVERYWHERE.  It is an honor to share with you. Before attending Lifebook I could never have imagined that bringing clarity, confidence and focused action to a single area of my life could erupt into such rapidly expanding positive changes in every OTHER area of my life.

I have never given much attention to success stories, as I had always believed they were short lived:  the person who got thin ended up gaining weight again; the poor person who found success, but was still unhappy. I never really thought there was such a thing as "true success".  I am honored to write my story, as I feel it represents living proof that my belief system was flawed.

Article by Chris and Christina Grier
“When going through Lifebook in December of last year, one of the breakthroughs I had was realizing the incompetence I had developed concerning my most important relationships. I have been so focused for the past 10 years on my careers, first as a high school teacher, then pursuing my chiropractic education and starting a fast growing chiropractic wellness center, that I badly neglected other important categories of life, particularly my relationships. It came into crisp focus that the relationship most in need of repair was with my wife, Christina.

Article by Keenan Wells
I was 18 when I smoked my first cigarette. Unfortunately it became a habit and I quickly found myself smoking a pack a day. For 5 years I smoked heavily, drank more than I’d care to admit and completely neglected my body. I had attempted to quit smoking a few times, but it was always temporary. I didn’t have a strong purpose.