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I made two new years resolutions this year - 1. To be my best self 2. To not be habitually late. Well I'm late to the party again so I'll be making up for lost time to transform myself and become my best self in just 7 weeks!

Hello my name is Ron House, I am a 4 time Lifebook graduate.  I am engaged to Heather, we started dating shortly after we graduated our first Lifebook session in March 2008, and have been engaged for almost 6 years.  Even though we take pride...

90 Day Transformation, Megan Cynowa Everything in life is upstairs. Meaning every belief, action and change starts between the shoulders with our thoughts. The following breakdown shows the implementation of the theory of 1% over the course of 90 days. By making small changes a little at a time, over time, the gains add up. Of course this can work in the opposite direction as well, that is why positive affirmations and mental clarity in my vision has been imperative. I did not start this challenge with a goal of losing weight or even a goal to have drastic change in my life. I began this challenge with a goal to wake up to the woman I am. A woman of great vitality, living a vitalistic existence w/in a vitalistic Universe. To wake up to beauty, embrace it, nurture it, give to it. Walk in nature. Spend time doing what I love: paddleboarding, climbing, surfing, run in the rain every now & then. To enjoy each & every piece of raw fruit & vegetable I put into my mouth & to allow whole foods to nourish my body. To let my mind be at one w/the energy around me & to create a deep connection w/nature & others. Was I successful? ABSOLUTELY!


Day 1 December 2, 2015 - Derek Strachan

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This challenge came at the perfect time. My wife and I have already been committed to transforming our health. We started at the beginning of November and already I have lost 11 lbs. I am excited to see how much change we can accomplish. Here is my current stats: Weight 201lbs, arms 13.5", forearms 12.5", waist 36", thighs 26"

12 Week Body Transformation Challenge The Beginning: Alex1 Throughout these three months I made some big transformations in the way I care for my physical self. In the beginning of the challenge I was on a 6 week road trip, covering 5,500 miles and 18 states to celebrate the 9 years I spent serving in the US Air Force. Alex2


Healthier after cancer
4 months ago my husband Pat was diagnosed with cancer. This was a real shock since we thought we already had a healthy lifestyle. Since then he has worked hard with a really strict ketogenic diet and an hour a day in a hyperbaric chamber. He is now essentially free of cancer. However the only real cure is the cause. After lots of research we've discovered he has sympathetic dominance - where the sympathetic nerve system is in constant fight/flight mode. In a nutshell, over the years this causes adrenal exhaustion and a host of other effects on the body. This is also what is happening to me and explains why I could never ease my irritable bowel. So over the next few months we are both committed to freeing ourselves of sympathetic dominance. Here's what I will be doing: Sleep 8-9 hours Daily meditation Specific chiropractic adjustments Use a posture rehab device daily Controlling light input with red lenses Diet - avoid processed foods, refined sugars, wheat, yeast, dairy, eggs, alcohol Daily bone broths Exercise 5-6 times/weekly I have also never been under 20% body fat, so this would be awesome. Current measurements - weight 130pounds, 22.1% body fat, waist 31 inches, hips 38 inches, thighs 21.5 inches Looking forward to being a much healthier woman come March 1, happier and free of irritable bowel syndrome. AND I'm going to look amazing in that Lululemon gear!!!


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 So I am not brave enough to show more skin than is present and I admire those of y'all that did. I have dieted soooo long and finally reached my goal summer of last year. So I have taken some time off:( I had people tell me I was too thin and it was messing with my mental state. I have never been a 'skinny' person. I was always curvy and thicker. I think my identity was wrapped up in this image. I think others around me felt the same way. So when they started saying things I started eating again. I also had work schedule changes and never got back into good habits. I love good food and spirits but my weekend was running into my week. Until a month ago I didn't feel that bad in clothes, but things have changed. It is time to get my sh*t together. I planned on doing this in January like everyone else in America, but now will do! I have needed this. I am currently 126.2 and my goal end of February is to be 116. I am going to eat less carbs and sugar. I am going to drink less and go to bed by 10:30. I plan to work out 5 days a week, high intensity and interval training. No more excuses! I will try to keep other's opinions out of my head and strive for what makes ME happy. I want to be cut again and feel good.

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Written by Lifebook Member Joe Simon It really is 90% attitude. There is no science behind what we're talking about here, just a mind-set. Something each of us have decided that takes us from being "Good" to "Great" and eventually in the hunt for our "Greatest." The...