Written by Lifebook Member Wendy H. I was 40 that year. I had been on a journey of self discovery for several years already. Finding my purpose in life, the "why am I here" question. When presented with the opportunity to attend Lifebook, I did not hesitate. I'm...

Whether you’re driving, sitting at your computer, in a meeting, on the couch, in the kitchen… Bringing awareness to how you're using your body in any given moment is insightful, empowering and absolutely transformational. By being mindful of your physical experience, and practicing the habits below, you can begin to experience greater levels of strength, balance, serenity and wellness…

1.  Breathe Consciously

Conscious breathing is something yogis have practiced for centuries… they say that only 10% of yoga is the posture, and 90% is the breath. And when it comes to your body, breathing deeply can very well be the “one action that causes all others to fall into place.” When you focus energy on your breath, you cause a meditative effect that permeates your entire being, automatically aligning the individual parts of your body into one holistically centered whole. Diaphragmatic breathing (or “belly breathing”) also cleanses the blood, massages internal organs, and elevates your mood. Try this: expand your breath to five counts inhale, five counts exhale, while relaxing and softening your body. Smooth all the "kinks" out of your breath and get it as fluid as possible. Practice this for just 5 minutes and notice the incredible difference in your mind, body and emotions!

The world is full of affordable destinations where your dollar goes further (much, much further!) than it does in the US. Countless expats and wanderlusters around the world have discovered that there are many exotic destinations overseas where just a little bit of their hometown dollar goes a long, long way. Here are some of our favorites, chosen for their breathtaking beauty, adventure, happiness levels, quality of life, and of course – value!

Written by Jessi Kohlhagen “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” -Rumi Everything that upsets us about others can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves, if we choose it. No matter how much they irritate us, don’t share our same beliefs, or don’t do things the way we like, we are ultimately responsible for how we choose to respond (and for the consequences those responses have on our lives). And this doesn't only mean our external, verbal responses. It means our inner responses -- the mental, emotional, energetic reactions that are triggered in the deepest parts of our being, and the destruction (or growth) these responses can cause in our lives. An awakened human being realizes that the other person is never the problem. Something powerfully transformational happens when you take this truth to heart and apply it to absolutely everything in your life.

Written by Dr. Joel Wade "If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s" –Joseph Campbell Since the dawn of time, parents have wanted the best for their kids. They are our link to the future beyond our own time here on earth. But more importantly, we feel a connection with our kids, a visceral bond. When they’re happy, we feel delight; when they hurt, we feel pain. When they succeed, we feel proud; when they fail, we feel the loss. It’s natural to want good things for our kids. We want them to grow into strong, good people; we want them to have work they love that enables them to live well; we want them to find good friends and a wonderful mate with whom they can grow a wonderful, loving life. We want them to succeed. There’s an expression of this natural sentiment, though, growing across a larger spectrum of our population, and it troubles me. There are certain colleges that are supposedly the doorway to success, and those colleges are very difficult to get into; not necessarily because they provide the best preparation, but simply because so very many people are vying for so few openings. …then there are certain High Schools that are the doorway to getting into those colleges; certain Jr. High Schools and Elementary Schools that are the doorway to those High Schools. There are even places where there are top pre-schools and kindergartens that you must attend if you are going to get into the top elementary school.