12 Positive Changes Since Lifebook

Written by Lifebook Member Phyll P.

Lifebook has been an amazing experience for me. It has really made me focus on my life in all the 12 categories, probably for the first time ever – and I’m 63 so that’s a long time!

  1. I was already focused on my health and fitness but I have become more so. I have now taken up both Qi Gong and Pilates to help my strength and flexibility, and both also help my sense of peace.
  2. I am more aware of my emotions so that I now pause before I act – not perfectly but a great deal more than I used to.
  3. I am working on building and improving the character traits I want to live by – in particular, patience and kindness, and I feel calmer, more tolerant and more gentle with other people.
  4. I have always loved learning. I have taken that to an even higher level by leaving the television off at night and reading books to grow my mind, and me as a person, instead.
  5. I have made a conscious effort to be kind and caring and a loving wife; to be more open and vulnerable; and to have us spend a lot more quality time together. That has had a positive effect on our relationship. We have a way to go but it is a definite improvement!
  6. I have made short and long term financial goals, which I am sticking to, and my savings are growing accordingly.
  7. I have put strategies in place for our business to make it run more efficiently and am learning about technology to help it further. I am making a conscious effort to be a more empathetic employer and our team is more harmonious as a result.
  8. I am developing my Life Coaching business, in order to take on clients after further training in September. This has been a huge step for me because I have had to get over the fear and belief that I was not good enough to be a coach. I have faced my fear and learned that that belief was a big brule and has stopped me for far too long!
  9. I have made a conscious effort to be more involved with my great nieces and nephews so that they get to know me better.
  10. I have made contact and spent time with friends that I have always cared about but was too inner-focused to nurture the relationships.
  11. Our quality of life has improved by all the strategies I have been putting in place and I’m truly excited about how much it will continue to improve.
  12. I am honing my Life Vision to reflect what I really want out of life and that has meant making some changes from how I originally saw it when I first looked at it.

I look deeply at my life now and don’t just let it happen. I MAKE it happen!!

When I read what I’ve written here I can truly see how many massive changes I’ve made in my life since I began Lifebook and I’m truly grateful to Jon and Missy for giving this gift to me and everyone else who has experienced it!

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