4 Positive Strategies For Job Hunting

Written by Gloria Kopp

Setting out to search for a job can sometimes be a long, arduous journey. And, even if this isn’t the first time you’ve set out to look for a job, it’s never an easy or fun task. There are usually some ups, but are generally a disproportionate amount of downs, as you potentially face dead ends, rejections and the stressful interview process. It could take a lot longer than you anticipated, and may not end exactly how you planned. But, all is not lost, and there are ways to prevent hitting a depressing slump in your search for employment. Before you can prevent it from happening, however, the first step is determining the possible causes of depression during your job search.

Causes of Job Search Anxiety

Uncertainty of what the future holds

Unemployment fills a person’s life with uncertainty – from where their next pay check will come from, to whether they’ll hear back from any interested employers, and even if they’ll be forced to uproot themselves and move in search of employment. There is no concrete end date they can look towards, since it’s never known when anyone’s job search will actually come to an end. Because of this level of uncertainty, an individual can start to feel depressed, as though they will never get past this stage in their life.

Not hearing back from any potential employers

When an individual has been sending out their resume, but has not been getting any responses in return, it can weigh on them and make them start questioning their qualifications and even their self-worth.

Receiving rejections

It’s always tough to hear that you’ve been rejected for a job you were excited about or felt you were perfectly qualified for. When the number of rejections a job seeker receives starts outweighing the positive replies they’re getting, that can seriously impact their psyche and push them towards depression. Hearing continuous rejections is a stressful experience, that can cause a person to question if they should bother continuing to look for a job or if they should lower their standards in order to broaden their chances.

Not being in control

When someone is looking for a job, they are leaving the direction of their lives in the hands of their potential employers. After they’ve done everything possible to impress an employer through their resume and during the application process, the rest is out of their control. It becomes the employer’s decision whether or not to pursue them as an employee. This shift in power can have highly negative effects on an unemployed person who has to experience this loss of control and put their trust in someone else’s hands.

Never been unemployed before

Being unemployed can be a stressful experience for anyone, but this is especially true for someone who has never had to face this before. A person who has already gone through a period of unemployment previously can always reassure themselves that they have already been through this and successfully found employment, so it’s possible to do it again. For someone who has never done this, it’s an extremely difficult experience that can lead to great deals of stress and eventually depression.

Trying to manage financially

Even though a person’s employment may have ended, their bills and everyday expenses aren’t put on hold. Dealing with paying bills, maintaining a roof over one’s head and putting food on the table can be a burden that weighs heavily on an individual during a period of unemployment. If they aren’t able to manage themselves financially, their feelings of self-worth may be severely diminished, leading to depression and anxiety, among other feelings.

Feelings of embarrassment

Many people identify themselves with the job they hold. When someone is unemployed, their identity isn’t solidly attached to any job, and as a result, they may suffer from feelings of shame or embarrassment, especially in social settings or in talking to others.

How to prevent it?

Once some of the causes of depression during a job search are identified, you’re able to figure out how to combat it. Here are several effective tips for battling depression during your search for employment:

Positive Strategies

Get physical

The endorphins released during exercise help to relieve stress and pump up a person’s mood. So, when the feelings of stress or depression start to loom overhead, getting in some physical activity can help nip them from the start. Losing weight can help boost self-confidence and can increase your overall feelings of well-being. My Fitness Pal is the fastest and easiest to use calorie-counting app, to help keep you on track for your goals. And, if you need a little help with motivation, Endomondo is like having a personal trainer in your pocket at all times.

Participate in productive distractions

It’s important to take breaks from your job search, no matter how desperately you’re in search of employment. Getting your mind off of the search can help you avoid getting in a depressing rut, and can give you something to look forward to doing, when the job search isn’t panning out so well. Finding something that gives you a sense of fulfillment is easy through organizations such as Paper Fellows or Volunteer Match, who work to bring like-minded people together to work towards good causes.

Take your time to edit resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile

Many of the above causes can be lessened or eliminated completely, simply by ensuring that the resume and Linkedin profile you share with employers are flawless. When you want to hear positive replies from employers and increase your chances of finding employment, you’ve got to put out a stellar first impression. For help with proofreading and editing your resume and online presence, as well as get tips on making improvements, Write my essay or Assignment help can help you get the job done.

Keep a job search journal

Tracking your job search progress through a journal can help you identify the things that worked and what didn’t work, so you can make adjustments to your job search approach. It can also give you a great perspective on the progress you’re making and all of the great strides you’ve made in your hunt. A free online journal, like Penzu can give you the platform to keep track of your job search, and 750 Words , Essay writing service or Custom essay tools can help you develop and hone your writing skills for use in your journal, as well as in your future job.

Unemployment is a stressful time, no matter how many times an individual has experienced it. If left unchecked, it can lead to depression in those who aren’t finding the success they anticipated when they began their job search. Use these tips to help identify and eliminate potential causes of depression before they become overwhelming in your life.

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