50 Affirmations to Become the Parent You Want to Be

Do you wish to bring a greater sense of calm, presence, ease and intention to your parenting?

If you’re like 99.9% of parents, your answer is probably “YES!”

Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in the world… and the goal of becoming extraordinary parents is really a moving target, as our families (and us and individuals) are constantly changing and growing.

Becoming the parent we truly want to be entails constant awareness, real-time presence, and intention.

Lucky for us, there’s ONE powerful practice we can utilize to tune ourselves into this state, no matter what’s going on in our lives.

Yep, you guessed it…

Affirmations are one of the easiest and most powerful ways to align ourselves in mind, body and spirit with the greater vision for our families.

Below are 50 affirmations to help inspire the parent you want to be.

As always, please share your own affirmations with us by commenting at the bottom of this post! 🙂

  1. I am so grateful to be a mother/father to my children
  2. Today I will do my absolute best, and know in my hear that that is enough
  3. My children don’t want “perfect” they just want me
  4. I am the calm in the chaos
  5. This too will pass.
  6. Love, love, and love some more
  7. I’m so grateful my children chose me to be their mother/father
  8. It’s okay to take care of myself and my own needs / wants / desires
  9. It’s okay to ask for help
  10. I treasure my children as the unique individuals they are
  11. Our home is a safe, peaceful, comforting haven
  12. Today I will release the expectations I have of my children, and fully embrace what they already are
  13. All of my choices as a mother are led by love, not fear
  14. I honor my children’s feelings and embrace all sides of their experience equally
  15. I am demonstrating to my children what it means to live a joyful, passionate, fulfilling life
  16. I set an amazing example for my children
  17. I am always willing to learn and grow as a parent
  18. My partner and I are on the same page with how we are raising our children, and I am so grateful for his/her support
  19. Every day I am living in alignment with my deepest parenting values
  20. I am a healthy and vibrant mother/father
  21. Everyday I take time for my own needs. This supports me in being the best parent I can be
  22. I am not afraid of change, and make changes easily when it’s the best option for my family
  23. When something is out of balance in the family, I find solutions quickly, easily and gracefully
  24. I teach my children to love and respect their bodies
  25. We have so much fun in our family
  26. I am grateful that we take so much time to play and enjoy our lives together as a family
  27. I approach challenging parenting situations with calmness, respect, clarity and strength… and honor my child even while disciplining
  28. My children and I respect each other equally
  29. I am blessed with added patience when things feel out of control
  30. I am a good listener, and listening to my children is a priority in my life, even when the things they say may feel unimportant
  31. I love to say “tell me more”
  32. I am grateful for how much cooperation we experience as a family
  33. I understand that my child is a separate individual, and I give them to space and freedom to express that individuality, even if I don’t always agree with it
  34. I express love, tenderness and affection for my children every day, as often as I can
  35. The greatest gift I can give my children is my full presence and attention
  36. I am here in this present moment with kindness, love, wonder and curiosity
  37. Rather than reacting, I choose my parenting behaviors with consciousness and intention
  38. This moment will not last forever, and someday I will wish I could travel back in time to experience the beauty and joy of what I have right now. I will cherish it all while it lasts.
  39. When our lives turn to chaos whirling all around me, I slow down, tune in, and listen to my breath.
  40. I am calm and at centered. Nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
  41. I am my child’s greatest teacher, and my child is my greatest teacher. In this way, we are meant for each other.
  42. I say YES as often as possible to my child’s interests, passions and curiosities
  43. I trust my intuition to make intentional parenting choices and decisions.
  44. Today I will find peace in being good enough
  45. Everything I do serves a purpose for me and my family
  46. I am the exact parent my child needs to blossom so I don’t need to compare myself to others.
  47. MI know my family loves and appreciated me, even when they forget to tell me
  48. One bad day does not make me a bad parent. One bad day makes me human.
  49. Taking care of myself is a responsibility I will model to my children without guilt.
  50. I have been called to parenthood – the most powerful calling in the world
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