6 Rules of Divine Timing

By: Jessi Kohlhagen

Where you are is exactly where you need to be.

This is 100% true — but it can be a really tough concept to grasp when we’re feeling impatient or uncertain about something in our lives.

We all have things in life that we wish would happen sooner… challenges we wish we could overcome faster… and a vision for our future that we wish we could magically teleport right into.

But the universe doesn’t work that way, and we are often required to summon enormous amounts of trust and patience as we follow the path toward our greatest dreams and ambitions.

This has been the *big* lesson in my life over the past few months. While I feel like my inner evolution has been accelerated to super-speed, the rest of my world is struggling to catch up and manifest all of my heart’s bigger and better plans for my life, and the world.

This can be incredibly disheartening. It can bring up feelings of doubt, fear, and frustration — and leave us feeling even less capable of creating the change we wish to see.

That is, until we understand the essential reasoning for it all.

This is where divine timing comes in… and understanding how it works is the key that unlocks absolute abundance.

Divine timing can be thought of in many ways, regardless of the spiritual label you ascribe to. I like to think of it like this:

All things manifest at the exact right time, in just the right way, and everything that we encounter along the path to their fulfillment serves us in a beautiful and profound way – even if we must endure challenge and struggle in order to acquire the wisdom.

And so the greatest lesson of all is learning to trust in the timing of our lives.

On my own journey, I’ve discovered 6 profound truths that have helped me embrace the mysteries of divine timing, and find comfort and ease in the face of uncertainty.

These “rules” have awakened in me a whole new understanding of life, spirit, and the absolute abundance that exists around us every single moment.

Once you’ve read them, I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what beautiful gems of wisdom Divine Timing has blessed you with.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Six Rules of Divine Timing
1. Master the Art of Patience

Being patient is a difficult thing for most of us, as it involves an element of trust and pacing that we are uncomfortable with (especially when we’re desperate for change).

We know that our willpower is a powerful force, and we find it hard to believe that there may be other (sometimes greater) energies at play in determining the outcomes of our lives. The idea that we may sometimes be called to surrender our own will to a greater force (or at least loosen our grip on the reigns of control), can conflict with what we believe to be the measure of an empowered person.

As a result of this conflict, we are confronted with feelings of pain, discomfort, doubt and fear, all of which appear to add to the difficulty of manifesting our desires. But on the contrary, these are the very areas within ourselves in which we are being called to grow.

The crucial lesson to grasp is this: All of the challenges we experience in waiting are part of our essential growth. It is through these trials that we win our most important battles and discover our inner treasures… and these discoveries are often as important, if not more important, than the outcome we have waited for.

2. Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Divine timing has a funny way of bringing into the light the very things we don’t want to look at, or have been avoiding in our lives. So we are often pushed beyond our edge, away from the comforts of our “normal” reality and into areas that many of us have spent a lifetime resisting. But once we lean into these resistances and start knowing and embracing them, we uncover the lost dimensions of ourselves and evolve in new directions and frequencies.

So the next time you find yourself resisting something — it doesn’t matter what it is — lean into it instead, and see what happens.

3. Detach From The Outcome

One of the most liberating things we can do for ourselves in this life is to release our incessant need to know why things happen as they do, and trust that whatever the reason is, it’s part of a grander spiritual design, and serves as a necessary component for our personal evolution. This gives everything meaning and substance, and softens us in the face of change and challenge, helping us receive the lessons we are being called to learn more easily and swiftly.

This does not mean that we wander passively through life, or stop attempting to create anything at all. On the contrary, we are to give our absolute best and make every action an offering.

To quote the Bhagavad Gita (as interpreted by Eknath Easwaran): “Each of us has an obligation to act rightly, but no power to dictate what is to come of what we do. Give your best to every undertaking without insisting that the results work out the way you want, or even whether what you do is pleasant or unpleasant. This attitude frees us completely. Whatever comes – success or failure, praise or blame, victory or defeat – we can give our best with a clear, unruffled mind.”

4. Live In Harmony

Living in sync with the energies that exist within and all around us is a lost art in our modern world, and one well worth exploring. It can be the difference between living a life of flow, ease and grace — or fighting a losing battle against the currents.

When you are internally conflicted, you are essentially interfering with and delaying the very changes that you wish to manifest. If your day-to-day interactions are not in alignment with who you are, the universe is unable to energetically align itself in accordance with your vision.

The most potent way to plug into the universal harmony is to become deeply at home in ourselves, because it requires awareness and honoring of the natural cycles of our life. Physical-Energetic practices such as yoga, tai chi, Reiki and qi gong are wonderful awakeners. But all it really takes is a willingness to receive — a shift from doing (output) into being (input).

Once we step into this inner sense of coherence and remember our alignment with the Whole, enormous shifts occur. We become much more harmonized and grounded, and a sense of ease falls over everything in our world.

5. Embrace Faith & Release Doubt

One of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves is learn what motivates us to make the choices we do. Because every single choice we make contains the energy of either faith or fear – allowance or resistance. So it is not so much what we choose that matters, but our reasons for making that choice.

As Caroline Myss so eloquently puts it:

“Having faith in something commits a part of our energy to that thing: having faith in someone commits a part of our energy to that person: having faith in an idea commits a part of our energy to that idea: having faith in fear commits a part of our energy to that fear. As a result of our energy commitments, we – our minds, hearts and lives – become woven into their consequences. Our faith and our power to choose are, in fact, the power of creation itself.”

For better or worse (and often unconsciously), we manifest what we energetically ask for. Somehow we’ve tricked ourselves into believing that things must be difficult or challenging to be worthy. Yet the real magic occurs when we seek just the opposite — and find a sense of ease and confidence in ourselves and the way our lives are unfolding. This attracts goodness into our lives from every angle, and allows benevolent outcomes to unfold much more easily.

6. Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is THE guiding force in divine timing. It’s the language of our inner divinity, and its most important role is alerting us to the paths, people and circumstances that we will uniquely find fulfilling. Following our intuition, whether we understand it logically or not, is the most powerful key we have to unlock abundance in our lives.

This can be a difficult thing to do in the information age. Our minds and egos are compelled to seek information outside ourselves… indeed there is much external wisdom that can help us along our path. But we will inevitably come up against this undeniable truth: No one can do this work for us, and the most popular and “effective” strategies in the world are no substitute for our own unique inner guidance.

This guidance comes in many forms, but is usually very subtle and sometimes even seemingly absurd. We are called to have faith and listen, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Here are some simple ways you can hear your own intuition more clearly:

  1. First, create the intention to simply notice your intuition, and no longer ignore or dismiss it. Whether it comes in the form of an impulse desire, a gut feeling, a dream, or a pattern in your life, turn off the inner critic that needs to rationalize everything and simply start listening without judgment.
  2. Seek the truth. It can be easy to ignore our feelings or push them away, especially if they are asking us to create big, uncomfortable change. Yet this is ultimately about our happiness… and if we know something doesn’t feel right, it’s time for a change.
  3. Start paying attention to signs, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and follow where they lead. Pay attention to the little things. You’ll quickly discover there are recurring themes in your life that are begging you to notice them.
  4. Stream-of-consciousness writing is wonderful for opening the floodgates and allowing uninhibited wisdom to pour out. The key is to not let your mind get in the way, and allow whatever comes up to flow out onto the page.
  5. Journey inward through meditation, prayer, self-hypnosis, or some other form of guided visualization. Release all effort, and ease into your deepest state of relaxation to come in direct contact with your inner guidance.
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