7 Ways to Make Powerful New Friendships and Drive Your Life Forward

Having the right people in your circle is the quickest, most effective way to bridge the gap between where you are now, and your Life Vision. There is simply no greater life hack.

And the best part is… it’s completely in your control.

Yet so few of us know how to put ourselves out there in ways that attract genuine connection and expand our circles in the directions we want them to go.  We tell ourselves all the scary stories… we don’t live in a big city, we’re introverted, we’re not worthy, we have nothing valuable to offer… The stories go on and on.

It’s time to stop standing still…. and your social life is just the thing you need to fuel your fire.

The search is on… And we’re after people who ignite our passion, and lift us to something higher.

Here are 8 Ways to Make Powerful New Friendships and Elevate Your Life:

1. Bring out the best in others

Be the person in the room who is glowing with passion and excitement.  Let those around you feel your fire. Prompt others to share what makes them come alive, genuinely listen, and share in their enthusiasm. Find the good things about people, rather than the bad, when you have the possibility of seeing either.  When you expect the best in people, they tend to prove you right.  There is no connection more empowering than the one that awakens a person’s spirit, and invites it out to play.  Be the firelighter, and feel the heat.

2. Hold Your Own

Your behavior toward others is often a reflection of your beliefs about who you are, and what you are capable of.  You may feel totally comfortable and confident talking with someone you deem “equal” to yourself (whether that be in looks, status, common interests, etc.), while feeling completely overwhelmed with anxiety and doubt in an interaction with someone you deem better than yourself.

But who is the one ultimately passing this judgment of “better and worse?”  You are.  And this can be the biggest deal-breaker of all.  The unavoidable first step in getting people to value you is to value yourself. What are your strengths?  Ask yourself how you can conjure them to keep yourself feeling grounded and whole.  And remember… when it comes down to it, we are ALL just humans trying to do the best we can.

3. Give something

In a world where everyone is trying to get as much as they can from everything, the best way to stand out is to be a giver. It is an immediate invitation for people to drop their guard and open their world a little wider to include you in it.  Most people enter social interactions looking for what they can get out of it… wanting to be noticed, complimented, accepted, given the chance the talk, etc.  Your job should become to look for things you can do for others. It can be as simple as a genuine compliment, or asking them a genuine question about their interests and really listening. When you find yourself wanting something from someone, see if you can turn it around and give them something instead.

4.  Fall in love with helping people

There is no better feeling than identifying someone’s need, and knowing you have the power to fulfill it.  You can create deep mutual fulfillment when you become thoughtful, deliberate, and ambitious about helping the people around you.  You begin seeing countless opportunities to bring abundance into people’s lives.  Pay attention to people’s needs.  What are they trying to create or eliminate in their lives?  What can you offer them to build some momentum?  Offering relevant and meaningful support can do wonders for how a person sees and thinks of you.

5. Discover who you already know

Chances are you, or those close to you, already know some people who could change your world.  Go through your existing networks and identify 5 people you know of that you’d like to get closer to.  Enlist the help of others.  Simply asking your loved ones if they know anyone who fits your criteria can cause your community to explode with interesting new people.  And then – the most important part… follow through!  Schedule lunches, dinners, meetings and hang outs to get connected.

6. Infuse your hangouts with FUN

The more personal and enjoyable your time together, the deeper you’ll be able to go with the people you meet.  Schedule double dates, workout together, plan thrill activities, and – our all-time favorite social strategy – travel together.  Make these people a part of your life, and your world, and become part of theirs.

7. Take the first step

Nothing happens if you don’t hit send on that email, dial that number, or walk through the door to your rendezvous.  At the end of the day, taking the first step is the only thing that will ever effect change in your life.  If you aren’t willing to take the first step, nothing else matters.  So seize all the opportunities around you and dive in head first!

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