A $35,000 Financial Coaching Call

Back by popular demand this month, we’re featuring last year’s Lifebook VIP Financial Coaching Call, which dozens of our members raved about, and one called, “A $35,000 Call” (hence the name of the article!).

Be sure not to miss this full hour of jam-packed wisdom from members in your very own Lifebook community, on how to create and maintain wealth, and experience lasting transformation in this important area of your life!

On the call recording you’ll hear:

Wisdom from VIP Member and contributor Dave Stech, including:

* His rags to riches story
* How to be responsible for your own money (including specific information on Self-Directed Roth IRA’s)
* The power of adding a zero
* How to be grateful but not content in your financial life
* The power of focusing on your Effort-to-Return ratio

Wisdom from VIP Member and contributor Christofer Ashby, including:

* The importance of choosing your time and financial investments wisely
* Investing out of intelligence vs. ego
* The importance of having good rules for your investments
* How to build a world-class team

And tons of wisdom from members in your very own Lifebook community!

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