After 14 years in business, Russ finally broke through

It’s been a long journey with a lot of hard lessons to get me to the point where I trust in myself and my abilities to do the right thing. Before Life Book, I was so focused on being a success in business and my career that I totally dismissed most of the other categories of living a fulfilling life. And, of course, I found myself not creating success in my career because I was ignoring my life! I spent many years searching for the “magic pill” that would change everything for my business. I hired and fired more coaches, mentors and gurus that it actually sickens me to think of all the time, energy and money I wasted looking for that magic bullet. Although, I can’t dismiss this experience because this journey of falling on my face and getting back up is what brought me to my current state of reality.

I dove into each mentorship and coaching program I got involved in with both feet. I did everything, said everything and thought everything they recommended. The problem is that I found myself thinking, acting and saying the things that were being fed to me instead of thinking, acting and saying the things that felt right to me. I quickly found myself frustrated with each program and began wondering what the hell I was doing. Deep down, I knew that there was something with each program that just wasn’t sitting well with me. And, instead of taking the things that made sense and implementing them, I chose to drop the whole program. This cycle went on for 14 years of being in business. The funny thing was, that when I really thought about things and let all of the bullshit go, my business started to take off. Imagine that, when I focused on being myself, things started to change. Then I would start another program and begin this cycle all over again.

Now, I’m finally coming into my own with trusting myself and my abilities to manage and grow my life! Since beginning this Lifebook VIP Bootcamp, I’ve really been able to harness some of the things I’ve been meaning to revisit since building my Lifebook years ago. It’s really helped get me back on track with envisioning, building and living the life of my dreams. And, since I’ve been focusing on that, my business is taking off…..with no “coach” but myself to keep me accountable. Lifebook has been my best mentor! So, believe in yourself and your abilities to make things happen! You can do it! Everything you need is within you NOW!

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