AJ’s One Month Lifebook Progress (Before/After)

Written by Lifebook Member, AJ M.

I wanted to share my 30-day Lifebook fitness progress with you all.

I’m a private person and I usually don’t post my own before and afters but I wanted to show the power of Lifebook.  

I took the before pic shortly after finishing Lifebook and I the took the after pic today. Less than a month between pics. 
I followed my own transformation program to the T and never cheated on my plan.
Even though fitness is my strong point, I’ve never made such progress in 1 month!
I’m getting closer to the health goal that I have in my life vision and I feel amazing!
Can’t wait to see what the next month brings. 🙂

Here are some of the lessons that I’ve learned during this transformation…

1. It all starts with the mind.

For the past year, I’ve been keeping a consistent 20 minutes of “ME time” everyday.

Also, every morning I note five things I’m grateful for.

Just in doing these two daily habits, I noticed that my stress levels are lowered and because of that, I have not been emotional eating.

Emotional eating is what led me to be 53 lbs overweight.

I am so happy that I finally got it under control!

2. I’ve had great success with intermittent fasting.

I don’t recommend it to everyone, but for someone like me who has obese genetics, it’s been teaching me how to really curb my appetite.

Intermittent fasting is simple.

I don’t have my first meal until 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm.

Sometimes, if I do feel hungry or in need of a boost, I’ll have a  Prograde protein powder mixed with almond milk.

But I usually don’t get hungry until the afternoon.

Like I said, fasting is not for everyone.  Only a few of my clients do it.

If you can tolerate it, it will speed up your progress!

3. I have vegetables with every meal.

As I mentioned, I usually have my first meal around 1:00 pm.

Then I’ll have a meal every three hours, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm.

No matter what I have, I’ll be sure to have a side of vegetables with every meal.

This has been really helping me in a lot of ways, not just to curb my appetite, but to also give me good energy and keeps me focused and full.

Here are my favs!

Broccoli, Spinach, Squash, Green Peppers, Lettuce and Cauliflower.

4. As for supplements, I’ve been keeping it simple and taking
pro-grade protein powder:

Along with krill oil:

Krill oil has been a game changer!

Mainly in terms of helping me shed body fat, along with keeping my brain super sharp.

***Cool study I came across showed that victims of severe brain damage were able to regenerate their brain function with 20 grams of krill oil everyday!***

You best believe that I’m also mega dosing krill oil.

Better Brain = Better Life.

5. I’ve make sure to have a cheat meal almost every weekend.

Since I’ve been monitoring myself very closely, I’ve noticed that if I don’t cheat on the weekends, my fat loss actually stagnates.

So time and time again, along with me and hundreds of my clients, I’ve noticed that cheating is good for the thyroid.

So all in all, I’m going to have a nice big fat juicy steak and a giant bowl of ice cream this weekend.

So there you go, those are my 5 main insights.

Go get’em tiger! 🙂

-AJ M.


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