And the winner is…

Find out who won Lifebook’s December VIP Challenge below!

Remember – the challenge was simple…
To identify, outmaneuver and neutralize the “enemies” before the holiday damage is done!

In order to participate members had to:

  1. Declare their commitment by posting an initial comment on the Lifebook VIP Challenge blog post.
  2. Report progress regularly throughout the month of December by commenting on the Lifebook VIP Challenge blog post no LESS than once a week
  3. Send in a final results report (essay)

And the winners are… *drum roll*

Steve Silverston
Steve wins a luxury weekend in Chicago with Jon and Missy, complete with a total Lifebook makeover!  Congratulations Steve!


Heather Rice
Kyle Eertmoed
Natalie Whitten
Heather, Kyle and Natalie win FREE Lifebook Gift Certificates to use whenever and however they please!  Congratulations!

will receive a hand-signed copy of Tim Ferris’ breakthrough new book, ‘The Four Hour Body’!
(But remember – in order to receive the book you must have met ALL THREE participating guidelines listed above, including sending in a final essay report!)

Congratulation to EVERYONE who participated!  Keep up the hard work and let’s make 2011 the BEST YEAR YET!!

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