Bring Your Sexy Back!

Swimsuit season is awaiting at the end of this quarter.  What will YOU look and feel like when you emerge into the sunlight?

We intend to look and feel FABULOUS!

Jon, Missy and the entire Lifebook Team are on a mission to get in the best shape of their lives this spring!  And it’s all happening inside our 3-month “Bring Your Sexy Back Challenge!”

It’s ON people!  No excuses, no procrastinations, no distractions.  We’ll be applying pure discipline and laser focus to our health and fitness for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. Our mission is to take the most massive action EVER toward creating our ideal bodies, so we can bask in the sunlight of glory all summer long!

So throw off the covers, VIPs and OWN your body with Lifebook’s“Bring Your Sexy Back Challenge!”

Are you IN?!

Join the Lifebook Challenge and get rewarded!!

The ULTIMATE prize of course, is living out the summer as our sexiest, most confident selves ever!  But for those of you that need even MORE incentive than that, the winners of the challenge will receive…

First Place:
The Grand Lifebook Prize – a free Lifebook Session gift certificate and a private dinner with Jon and Missy during your stay in Chicago!

Runners Up:
A Free My Lifebook Online gift certificate! Give yourself a Lifebook-refresher this summer, or share the Lifebook lifestyle with someone you love!


Please note that while everyone is invited to join this Challenge, ONLY Lifebook VIP Members are eligible to win the Lifebook Prizes!

Lifebook’s “Bring Your Sexy Back Challenge” officially begins on Wednesday, April 13 and ends on Thursday, June 30!

To participate, follow these 3 simple steps!
(participants must complete each of the 3 steps below in order to qualify for the challenge)

Step 1  –  April:

Declare your commitment to the community TODAY by commenting below, and begin taking action!

What is it going to take to bring SEXY back into your life?  Running 15 miles a week?  Cutting your meal portions in half?  Increasing your workout intensity by 30%? How far are YOU willing to go to create the sexiest YOU ever?!

Get an iron grip on your commitment, and declare it to the community so we can support you.

Please include:

    • Your Full Name
    • Area of focus (weight loss, weight gain, toning, tanning, etc)
    • Commitment/Goal (amount of weight lost/gained, size bathing suit to fit into, increase in exercise capabilities, etc)  You may want to take a “before” photo to really track your success!
    • Strategy (Exercise rhythym/routine, dietary discipline, detoxing, etc)

Step 2 – May:

Report your progress to the community and take MORE action!

In the last week of May we will remind everyone to keep us posted on their progress.  Let us know how your sexy is coming along.  This is where the magic of accountability happens!

Step 3 – June:

Report your final progress to the community and take EVEN MORE action!

In the final month of the challenge VIP’s will be reminded to write a brief summary of their success, so be prepared!  This story is what we will use to determine the VIP Challenge Winner, and the recipient of the Grand Prize.  (Before and after pictures are greatly encouraged!)

We want to see BIKINIS!  We want to see SPEEDOS!  The more we can really put ourselves out there, the more motivated we will be to accomplish everything we set out to!

Will YOU be the VIP who wins the challenge?

Get out there to Bring Your Sexy Back, VIPs!  And remember that we’re supporting you every step of the way!

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