Change your mind, change your life…

Written by Sandra Garest

Lifebook helped sparked a breakthrough for me on the connection between My Intellectual Life, and how it relates to my overall life vision…

Premise/Beliefs – There are some things I may “know” but are not actually “true.”  What if I questioned these “truths” more?  My beliefs/truths were learned and therefore can be unlearned, especially if they’re not helpful.

Vision – I will never rise above the image I have in my mind in any area of my life.

My best future depends on being a conscious visionary.  I continuously think about what I want in all categories of my life and envision it. I use my Lifebook as the perfect process to organize my thinking in one place and keep track of it.

Purpose – I can change my future by simply changing the way I think about it.  My mind allows me to paint a better vision – in each area of my life.  No matter my past, I have a spotless future, a blank canvas.  My intellect empowers me to paint the picture of my best self, living and serving others to the best of my ability, and then go make it happen!

Strategy – Sometimes the best strategy I can implement to achieve my desired results is to change my self-image – change the way I think about myself or the situation.  I schedule regular “Think Appointments” with myself and my Lifebook.

Brian Tracy says that, “All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures. Your mental pictures act as a guidance mechanism that causes you to act in ways that make your mental pictures come true in your life.”

Is there anything you need to think differently about?  I’d love to hear about other examples or how people have changed their image of themselves as part of their strategy.

Thank you!

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