Finding Courage to Ask the Tough Questions

One of my goals in participating in this process was to achieve courageousness. I felt sure I knew what that meant. I should be able to get in front of an audience and not be afraid, get on a roller coaster, walk up to anyone an feel confident in my ability to communicate properly and on and on and on. I had a head full of stuff that I should be able to accomplish.

One morning I was writing in my journal and it became crystal clear to me that the courage is so much more to me now.

Courage is looking in the mirror and asking the tough questions of myself;

Was I authentic today? Did I push myself to be all that I could be today? Did I ask the tough questions of myself and then did I answer them honestly, with integrity, and with love?

This is harder than getting on the roller coaster or any of the other thousand things I could have feared.

In case you are wondering, I do ask myself these questions and I would love to be able to tell you that I get to answer yes to all of these, and I would not be honest. I get to answer them honestly and be okay with that. They do propel me to be a better me, just like being a member of Lifebook.

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