Finding My Destination

Written By:  Lifebook Member Kevin Donahue

When going on a long journey, having a map is important.  A GPS makes the ride even more comfortable.  But having a DESTINATION that you look forward to is the key!

My LIFEBOOK has given me my destinations.  I’ve found that life is so much better when we create BIG things to look forward to: Weddings, vacations, new homes, promotions, new business ventures, exciting partnerships, the birth of a child, etc.  All of these things create excitement in our hearts, put a pep in our step and give us an internal guidance system that somehow gets us there no matter what.   And maybe equally as important, they give us a story to tell!  Stories to tell to our friends, ourselves, our colleagues, and maybe even our grand kids one day.  If we play BIG enough, our story will be one told by others for years to come.

Thanks to LIFEBOOK, I’m living the life of my dreams!  I can clearly read my map every day and my hope, desire and intuition have become my GPS.  My LIFEBOOK is my map and I know my DESTINATION!

Last week I drove to places I had never been before, done things I never would have thought about doing, met incredible new people, reconnected with old friends and was in my purpose every step of the way.  I’ve traveled throughout the world and most of the US, but for some reason I hadn’t visited the MAJESTY of the parks of Utah.  Wow!  I went off-roading through the red mud in Arches National Park, hiked the orange crevices of Bryce Canyon, stood and stared in awe of the cliffs and walls of Zion National Park, and sat in amazement while the glowing sun set on the magnificent canyons of Dead Horse Canyon State Park.

Part of my vision and purpose is to increase my intellectual life through travel, meet incredible new friends to build a more fulfilling social life, get deeper in my spiritual life and build the career of my dreams!  I’ve taken BIG exciting steps in all of those categories and life is just getting more and more FUN!  What’s interesting is that the steps I’ve taken in those categories have caused fulfillment in the other chapters of my LIFEBOOK as well!  Life is good… and only getting better!

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