Habits 101: How to Make Change Stick

All of history’s wisest teachers tell us that greatness is about consistency with the fundamentals.

Have you been meaning to start a meditation practice, exercise more, eat better or otherwise optimize your life via great habits?

If so, we think you’ll dig this special class hosted by Brian Johnson (author of our beloved Philosopher’s Notes), where you’ll look at the science (and art!) of creating habits that will change your life.

This month, Brian has shared his 90-minute Habits 101 class recording for Lifebookers absolutely free, so you can absorb all the goodness into your own life and amp up your Character this April.

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Here’s the class overview:

Habits are huge. So we’ll be taking a deep look at how to create habits that will change your life.

Science says that willpower / self-discipline / self-mastery are THE #1 predictors of everything you want in your life.

But… Willpower is finite.

The trick? Use willpower wisely to create HABITS that run on autopilot.

Habits are the closest thing to a superpower we’re ever going to have.

There are two primary intentions with this class:

  1. To help you create a new habit that will change your life.
  2. To help you master the process of creating habits so you can continue to create more and more habits that help you rock it.

Listen in to the kick-butt wisdom of this class, hear the participant’s questions and comments (and Brian’s live answers), and discover Brian’s greatest tips and tricks for getting habits to stick (hint: they are life-changing).

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Want more wisdom from B.J.? Grab it here — any time, any place.

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