How Lifebook helped Dixie break through

Written by Dixie R.

When I initially arrived at the Lifebook Lounge, I was a bit skeptical about what I was going to experience. I knew it was sure to be a great program but I figured it would be a similar to programs I had already seen. I was open minded and excited to see what it was about.

As we started doing the activities it became apparent to me that this was different. It really started digging deep to the root of every category. As we moved along, it forced me to look within myself and access deep feelings and emotions I didn’t even realize I was harboring. I learned a lot about myself. At one point I wanted to quit because it was very difficult to face the emotions the categories were stirring up. I saw it through and by the time we were done I felt empowered to overcome the obstacles that I was allowing to get in my way and move toward my life vision.

Although the past 8 weeks have been challenging, I definitely have a clear perception of, not only what my future looks like, but just how I’m going to accomplish my life vision. I’m still working on implementing new habits and structuring my daily activities to move forward but I check my progress everyday. I wake up excited about what I’m going to do next and checking my Lifebook. I’ve become a lot more disciplined. Being accounting to my Lifebook community has really helped me stay focused. I’m really looking forward to continuing the next phase of Lifebook and seeing my life vision become a reality.

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