How Margaret stopped saying “someday”

Written by Lifebook Member Margaret Stattman

One of the key areas that has really changed for me is my character. I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone and be more courageous. I have a strong visual picture and feeling of how I would like to be, and I use this when making a lot of my daily decisions.

Since doing Lifebook 6 months ago I have started sharing my ideas more freely.

I have stopped thinking “I would like to do that one day” and started doing it now.

For e.g. I’ve started doing swimming training with a local group, tried out Bikram Yoga for a month, suggested having a theme song in my work place to motivate and invigorate staff and customers, wrote an editorial for work place on a topic I had researched for my health and fitness chapter, decided to do a different family Christmas – instead of giving presents to each other we had an experience and went to the theater to see the musical “Mary Poppins.”

Areas I have seen definite changes in are:

  • I’m experiencing more positive emotions and a lot less depression.
  • I am doing what I say I am going to do.
  • I am bringing back more awareness to my spiritual life.
  • My relationship with my husband has changed so that we both seem to be on the same page now for where we are headed, we are making more time for each other. We have committed one night a week to just the two of us and this has been a lot of fun.
  • My relationships with my daughters has changed I have made more time to spend with them in the afternoons and night and am very conscious of trying to create some lovely memories and rituals in their day (e.g. Bedtime stories, grateful for the good things that happened in the day, Friday nights are Family night where one of us chooses their favourite meal and a board game that we all play together.)
  • Career – Becoming clearer in what I would like to be achieving and working smarter. I have chosen some key seminars to do this year that should really improve my value and knowledge to customers. I also have made a strategy for the next 6 months on how I can increase sales in the area I work in.
  • Educating myself on my finances and getting our budget back on track.
  • We are regularly doing things we enjoy like having breakfast on the beach and having early morning surfs, picnics.
  • I have stopped doing as much housework and have delegated some of it out to the family. This gave me more time to do Lifebook.
  • I have stopped watching T.V and have spent a lot of that time on my Lifebook , webinars, planning my days etc. and being organised.

I have created and fine tuned habits of planning my days, weeks and months and am getting better at writing goals that actually motivate me and bring me closer to my life vision.

And I now have a very clear vision of how my life will be In 5 years.

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