How Meditation Promotes Life-Changing Financial Habits

Written by Jessi Kohlhagen

We all know the life-changing benefits of meditation.

What many people don’t realize is how revolutionary a meditation practice can be for their financial lives.

This may come as a surprise, since meditation is most associated with eastern religious practices, all of which tend to emphasize spiritual pursuits over material pleasures.

The idea of using meditation to elevate our financial lives may feel foreign or even a bit “mystical” to those of us who haven’t yet committed to a regular meditation practice. It may feel impractical to those of us struggling with real financial problems.

Suffice it to say — for most of us, the topics of meditation and money feel worlds apart from each other.

But Lifebookers know better…

With our deep understanding of the power of interconnectivity, and our absolute belief that WE are the creators of our own reality, we can leverage the power of meditation to shift our money mindset, install life-changing financial habits, and claim our destiny of abundance.

Here are some of the most important ways meditation will transform your financial life:

Meditation reduces stress. We’ll start with the most obvious, and perhaps most important benefit of all. We simply cannot create a reality of ease and abundance if we’re experiencing a stress response all day everyday (which most people are). When our bodies are in fight-or-flight survival mode, operating from our sympathetic nervous system and base levels of consciousness, all we are doing is responding to and perpetuating all the triggers in our environment. Meditation helps move us out of this stress response, activating our parasympathetic nervous system, releasing chemical/hormonal responses that elicit feelings of peace, clarity, freedom and ease. It’s important to understand that good decisions, elevated thinking, and the conscious creation of our lives (financial or otherwise) all arise from a CALM body and mind.

Meditation improves concentration. By cultivating our ability to focus on something unwaveringly (like stillness or silence, for instance) without getting swept away by the never-ending distractions that confront us, we find a still point in the center of our beings, and from this place, we can more easily identify what truly matters. This increased ability to concentrate without distraction can come in handy when you’re working to diligently meet your financial goals, or eliminate your tendency to buy things impulsively, from a place of lack or desperation.

Meditation increases self-awareness. Meditation helps us to see the patterns of our body and the nature of our mind so much more clearly, and as a result, it helps us reach a deeper understanding of why we do what we do. If knowledge is power, then self-knowledge is self-empowerment — and as a result of our newfound self-knowledge, we can empower ourselves to be more productive at work, transform negative beliefs and feelings about money, eliminate unhealthy financial patterns, and ultimately, completely rewrite our financial story.

Meditation increases contentment & wellbeing. Meditation is famous for increasing our levels of serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good” chemicals, and for reducing our tendency for negativity. When we allow our bodies to get still and our minds to get quiet, we connect more and more deeply to an infinite source of internal happiness, contentment and wellbeing that exists within us, so there is less desire to spend money, time, energy, or any other precious resource on external sources of happiness (which we know are fleeting anyway).

Meditation activates our untapped potential. There is quite literally a magic that happens when we truly commit to a meditation practice. It can feel like whole worlds are opening up, and abundance just starts pouring in. This isn’t something we need to consciously focus on – it happens naturally as we learn to let go into the present moment, and release the shackles of our stories from the past and our worries of the future. It’s important to realize that our dreams do not come to us, they must come through us. We have to literally match our inner frequency to the frequency of what we desire to create. Meditation helps us achieve this by taking us into a space of true presence, authentic freedom and infinite potential. From this place we become limitless – recognizing ourselves as the true creators of our own reality, and empowering ourselves to manifest the life we desire from the inside out.

No matter what your financial goals or dreams are… meditation will help you activate them more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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