Jeb’s Powerful Morning Ritual

I strongly believe how you start your day can make all the difference.

My morning ritual sets up any day in a way I feel most confident going into the world. This set of actions prepares me for having an awesome day regardless of what happens after 8am.

After listening to some audio books, taking some courses (this one being the best thus far) and changing many things within my own life, I started my days off in a much different approach than before. And it has made all the difference. I start my days early, and get all the things I don’t have time to do during the busy day all done by 8am. Without this dramatic change, my life would be going down path of destruction and demise. Because of the new way I start my days, my life is superseding previous expectations and is constantly conditioning my mind, body, and spirit towards success.

Here is what my typical day looks like…

  • 430- “My wake up call to success”
    This starts my day with advice on success instead of a terrible alarm sound. It is a very peaceful way to wake up.
  • 440- “5 minute journal”
    This is a great way to begin and end the day with gratitude, and ways to improve.
  • 445- Stretching and breathing practices
    I use this to loosen up and “center” my body.
  • 5- Gratitude kata
    This is a martial arts dance used to give gratitude for a number of things:
    A) The divine/heavens/god/etc and the path I have with it
    B) ALL the people in my life, no exclusions
    C) The earth for providing me with everything I truly need to survive,
    D) My future, and what it has in store for me and others
    E) My past, for what it has taken for me to become who I am today
    F) My masculine side, and all the powers within me that come from it,
    G) My feminine side, and all the powers within me that come from it,
    H) And lastly, for my life, and all that I have to offer to the world
  • 515-545- Circuit training exercise
    This is usually either a cardio workout, or a couple times a week this is weight training
  • 545-555 Cold shower and centering practice
    I use this as another opportunity to “center” and get my day started with a refreshing, often short shower.
  • 555-6- Tea and homemade protein bar designed by personal nutritionist
    I use this time to feed my body the things it needs right after waking up, nutrients and a lil get-up and go!
  • 6am-630- Leadership course/Spanish course
    Depending on what other personal development courses I am currently in, I use 30 min of un-interrupted time to devote entirely to that particular course.
  • 630-7 – Lifebook
    I use 30 min of un-interrupted time to devote entirely to focusing on my Lifebook experience.
  • 7-705- Attention focus on breath
    Spending 5 minutes to focus on something as simple as breathing can be extremely difficult. The idea is as follows; if I can train my mind to focus ONLY on the simple practice of breathing in and out, then I can be much more present and focused on other items in my life without being distracted, especially when there is more and more things going on.
  • 705-715- Meditation to connect with my higher purpose
    I use this time to find out what my true calling and purpose in life is. I believe this is something I do not completing understand yet. Every day used to explore what this precisely is, I get a little closer to discovering it in its entirety.
  • 715-731- Visualization (dream board – 12 categories)
    After identifying all 12 categories of my life, I spent the time to find a visual representation of what they would look like if I achieved the highest level of success. From that, I created a vision board to look at and envision having already achieved it.
  • 731-739- Affirmations (secrets of the millionaire mind, miracle morning, Lifebook)
    After reading several self-development books, and taking similar courses, I have created a set of affirmations I state out loud while holding my hand over my heart, and at times touching my head. These are either affirmations about who I want to become spiritually (under my heart), who I want to become from my heart (character and deep rooted issues) or who I want to become in my head( intellectually. If by touching these areas of my body somehow make them more valid or meaningful, then I have done exactly what I intended to do.
  • 739-745- Hand write yearly goals in order of importance
    We all know hand writing goals is better than any other way of expressing them
  • 745-756- Set top 3 MVP’s: MOST VALUABLE PRIORITY (a,b,c) with time limits
    I use this time to set up my day with the most valuable items I can accomplish in a day. I categorize them in order of importance: a,b, or c. I then set a timeframe to accomplish those items. I set a kitchen cook timer I have on my office desk and 9 times out of 10 I get them done in that timeframe!
  • 756-8 – Make bed, clean room/office, brush teeth, prepare for work
    This time is used to do any final prep for the day. I use this opportunity to tidy the house, brush my teeth, and arrange the setting in a way that does not feel cluttered.
  • 8am- Send 1st email: Fact of the Day
    Every weekday I send out an email that contains a word of the day(taken from the dictionary) so that myself and others can expand our vocabulary, an interesting fact of the day(could be about almost anything interesting),an inspirational quote of the day, and something interesting that has happened this day in history. As a special treat, on Mondays I send out an email that only contains jokes (this is usually sent before the fact of the day in an attempt to get everyone’s week started with laughter and happiness rather than grief and stress.


Create a morning ritual! That’s what my contribution is to the Lifebook community. By creating a morning ritual that works best for you and your lifestyle, you create a much more fulfilling morning full of purpose and accomplishment. I’m sure there are much better systems then this, but this system is much like many other aspects of my life: an evolving process that is constantly changing and becoming better suited for my specific needs. Hope this helps in some way…

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