Leah Takes COMMAND of Her Life!

I created my Lifebook with the online program.

At the time, though always run by my emotions and state of very poor health, I was coming into a new, very tentative understanding of my value, and was beginning to gain a bit of confidence and a sense of possibility.

I had always longed for something better; had always wanted to BE better. I had high, though fairly unformed, aspirations. Somehow, in my darkness and struggle, I just knew there was a way to get to the life I really wanted, though it seemed an almost impossibly long way off: I’d never lacked courage, but I had no map, no instructions, and few tools. And then, along came Lifebook! I recognized immediately that this was the way for me. It felt right.

The process of creating my Lifebook was both deeply challenging and totally thrilling. I had previously written feeling descriptions of my desired level of physical well-being, and I had crafted a grounding, fulfilling, and adventurous lifestyle on paper, but had never seen as complete a concept of life and self as the program work revealed. Just envisioning myself and my life in such deep detail and such high terms gave me some confidence. Who knew that knowing one’s desires so well could create so much change, even before taking any further action? I began to have some real admiration for myself, even just for having the vision and courage to WANT to be the person I was describing.

Now, finishing up the VIP Bootcamp, I have already come a long way. I must confess that, in terms of conscious, disciplined action, I haven’t done much: I’ve done the workbook exercises deeply and with heart, but haven’t really used the Stop Doing List, or kept up my commitment to regularly scheduled bootcamp work. I haven’t suddenly and magically become disciplined in my daily life, either.

Still, I’d never have dared to raise the bar so very high before – never even recognized the possibility – and now it’s drawing me forward, like a magnet. I’ve embarked on a year-long course and a new, stimulating and potentially lucrative career, after being on welfare/disability most of my life. I’m releasing resistance. Lack of funds is no longer stopping me dead, and never will again. I’m doing the small things that make life work: I created a Craigslist ad for my business yesterday – actually published it! which I would’ve never dared to do before. I’m repairing all the broken things in my home, and chucking the piles and boxes of crap that I’ve been dragging around with me all my life. I’m on the board at my daughter’s preschool for heaven’s sake! Not something I would’ve had the self regard to do before. And none of this has arisen out of disciplining myself. It all just flowed. Just imagine what’ll happen when I actually start to apply a little structure to my days!! Yum. Life is going to get very, very good.

Jon and Missy have revealed to me my greatness, and the potential greatness I can create. Their ongoing example, and the example demonstrated by my fellow Lifebook community members is a level of influence that I never dreamed I’d be able to access. My sense of gratitude and pride in being invited into such company moves me to earn the privilege.

I’ve been guided step by step through the tools I need to redeem the astonishing qualities I was born with, and become worthy of them. I have taken command of my life. I’m just at the crawling stage now, but as I build my skills, habits, and character, I’ll also build momentum, and 2014 is clearly a year of tremendous transformation for me. I’m filled with eagerness for the changes I’ll create before New Year’s Day in 2015.

Life is in the journey. It doesn’t get better than this.

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