Lifebook’s SEXIEST Members!

Last May Lifebook VIP Members embarked on a 3-month journey to get their SEXY back with Lifebook’s “Bring Your Sexy Back Challenge,” and it’s time to announce the winners!

Here they are…

FIRST PLACE:              Nicole Moore!!
RUNNER UP:                Nicky Kirk

RUNNER UP:                Rachel Moger
RUNNER UP:                Darrin Steen
RUNNER UP:                Heather Rice

Congratulations to EVERYONE and thank you for participating in this motivating challenge!

To find out how they did it, read their stories of success below!

FIRST PLACE:  Nicole Moore

“Bring your sexy back” was a fantastic 3-month challenge, so I set the hardest goals I could think of – To run a half marathon (previously I’d only been running a distance of 3 miles), eat no chocolate (I had been eating chocolate almost daily for the last 20 years!) and to do weights and core work (neither of which I’ve ever done), all to get my body fat below 20%.

I completed the half marathon in 1 hour and 56 minutes.  The best part about it was that my husband Pat decided to run it too.  The long training runs were great for our love relationship – lots of quality time to talk about our goals and dreams.  On race day, he ran all the way with me.  He was a great support.

I did not eat any chocolate at all! This was by far the hardest part of the challenge for me.  Wow, did I learn about self-discipline and self-responsibility.  I definitely feel a lot stronger mentally, and I know I can apply this strength to other areas of my life.  In addition, I also did a 3-day total food fast.  It was awesome to know I had the courage and determination to achieve this goal.  Food no longer has any hold over me – I am in control of what goes into my mouth!

I did 2 very tough sessions of personal training (weights and core) each week.  I had a green drink each day, and was careful with my diet as well.  My lean body mass increased, while my body fat percentage went from 23.3% to 20.6%.  I also released 2 inches from around my waist.

I have definitely brought sexy back, and learnt so much about myself along the way!!!  I look and feel amazing!!!

RUNNER UP:  Rachel Moger

Wow, the last 9 weeks have been life changing.  Here are some of my stats:

I did lose weight, 6lbs!  My starting weight was 150.8 and ending is 144.6.  However, for certain I gained muscle.

For example, I tested in the beginning doing only 42 pushups per minute now I’m at 57.  Air squats 50 per min, and on the last test were 88.  On day 1 of boot camp I couldn’t even do one pull –up, it was so humiliating. Now I can do 3!!!

And if that’s not sexy enough – I went from a size 8 pushing a 9/10 to a size 7, and from wearing a 38 D bra to a 34 DD.  Come on girls are you with me?!  That was a very cool bonus I did not expect!

Committing to getting in shape was my number one priority from our Lifebook session in October last year.  I am thrilled to say focusing on this category has definitely deeply affected every other area of my life.

Now that I’m in better shape I am able to think more clearly, I have more focus, I have way more energy, I’m more confident, and I can accomplish more in all the other categories…

My love relationship has gone to a new level.  In fact my husband Ken even commented on this challenge: “I don’t know who your pick for the ‘winner’ is but I can attest that I am already the winner! My wife has overcome so many self-imposed limitations and has gotten an even more fantastic bod!”

New opportunities are presenting in so many ways.  I know this is all because of my level of commitment and energy generated from working so intensely on my physical health.   Financial opportunities are opening up.  Our social life is getting better, and we have been building relationship capitol.  Because I consistently got up at 4:30 am for camp, my body has a new pattern of waking up early, and that allows me to dive into my spiritual life.  I am literally accomplishing more, and able to see that my “Life Vision” is truly obtainable.

RUNNER UP:  Darrin Steen

In the last 12 weeks I have come from the brink of death (physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally) to the absolute pinnacle of health and wellness.

Last Oct. with my 15 year marriage crumbling and unable to pay my mortgage,  I found myself in a major depression.

I thought I lost my two children, my wife, my house, my business, and the will to go on.  I found myself in bed for 14 hours one day to 18 hours the next.  My business was barely running without me.

So, as a last ditch effort, I asked for help from one of my clients.  I asked them to pull my ass out of bed and force me to work out.  After the first week of walking, I got a little energy and cognitive power.

I decided my only hope was to compete in a bodybuilding contest (I had not competed for 5 years).  Once I set my contest date (July 9th) I made significant progress in all the areas of my life each week.

Within 2 to 3 weeks of setting my contest date I was able to throw my meds/zanex (yes it got that bad) in the garbage.  I started sleeping better and training my clients again.

I finished my body / life 12-Week Transformation last week by winning 1st place out of 11 heavyweights in the Pro Division with the strongest, fastest growing organization for Drug Free Bodybuilders in the world; the IFPA.

I have come from the brink of death,  to the pinnacle of success in business, relationships (my relationship with my two daughters has never been better), and health & fitness.  I have never felt this strong, with peace in my heart, and the Holy Spirit so strong in me.

During my 12-week “Get Your Sexy Back” transformation I dropped 16 lbs of fat, gained 11 lbs of muscle and totally morphed into one of the most recognizable pro Drug Free Bodybuilders in the world.

The lesson here is that anyone and everyone has the power to change, and to stand up and take control of their body, lifestyle, and Life!!

RUNNER UP:  Heather Rice

I wasn’t sure I was up for what I thought the task would be, but I just couldn’t pass up a Lifebook challenge.  So far they have all added so much fuel to my journey that I had to join in.

With this new challenge, I was upping the ante.  This meant facing the fact that I hadn’t owned my sexiness in years.  I had always focused on a healthy body, but not so much on a sexy body. I started working out more, doing the peak 8 workouts and committing at a higher level to detoxing my body and balancing my endocrine system so my skin would glow.  I also started choosing different clothing.  I was delighted to discover stirrings and awakenings in my lower chakras that I had missed since becoming a mother eight years ago. I even sunburned my butt in my zeal to explore the bounds of bowing to the goddess of sexiness!  It was worth it!

I’ve actually even started chatting with some interested fellows from the world!  Something that was scary to consider in the past for me, but is now only exciting and fun. Being so clear about the extraordinary person I am looking for (who is also looking for me) has inspired me to be the complete woman I need to be for that complete and amazing man, and that means reclaiming my sexy self too.

I’m sure there are some amazingly sexy Lifebookers out there, especially after this challenge. I have been reading the updates of folks who really are going for it with getting themselves in peak shape. This challenge went far beyond the physical for me, and I am deeply grateful for the invitation to really go for it.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have a great love story to tell Jon and Missy by the time I’m sipping that fine wine with them! J

Thanks for all you do,


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