Lifebook’s Vision-to-Reality Video Contest WINNERS!

December’s Vision-to-Reality Video Contest was a HUGE hit!

We received dozens of heart-felt inspirational videos from Lifebook Members around the world, documenting their incredible success across the 12 Lifebook categories. With all the incredible submissions, it was VERY difficult to narrow it down to only 6.  But, after much deliberation, we’re proud to announce the WINNERS of the contest (and display the public videos) below.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in this challenge. Each and every video was so incredibly inspiring, and we are so deeply thankful to be part of such an ignited community of empowered people.

Take your time and enjoy!

The Grand Prize:

Patrick Kohlhagen:  Fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker

The Runners Up:

Nicole Moore: Achieves her Life Vision

Katy Koob: Doubles her income and transforms her quality of life

Peter Scott: Lifebook gives him wings!

Damion Lupo: Achieves his Life Vision

Tania Chikhani: Rocks her health and fitness!

Kelly Clements: Amps up her health, finances and love relationship

(Prefers to keep her video private)

Karyn and Leslie McCarthy: Reignite their love relationship after decades

(Prefer to keep their video private)

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