Liz Rekindles Her Marriage with Lifebook

This was my third time through Lifebook. I benefited with each experience, however this most recent experience was most life changing.

Three years ago when I went through, I was wanting to check-out on my marriage. My focus was on everything I didn’t enjoy about my spouse of two-plus decades. I was trying to find my own freedom and be set free of the sacrament of marriage. Our personality types probably don’t get any more opposite and I used that and personal frustrations as my alibi. One deeply held belief I have about my husband is that he is a great man with integrity and a uniqueness that I fell in love with some thirty years ago.

All of us have to experience life’s curve balls from time to time. When the sh– hits the fan, we either step up or cave. For me, caving is not an option. Through some of life’s challenges, I tried to just maintain a status quo as a survival mechanism through a dream home short sale, a real state law suit, an IRS audit and a beat up marriage.

Then Lifebook came along. It’s a blessing. It’s a sorting through of life in an organized way.

I am so happy to understand my category of strength and that that very category is helping carry me through some of the above listed messes. I refused to cave or fall. I’m a mom and I know strength and I’ve used my health and fitness to stay strong and not cave emotionally. I have to be there everyday for my kids and my patients, but it was my marriage that took the beating. He couldn’t give me what I needed because of my poor decisions, the economy and the government superseded my little world of family, peace and tranquility. I stayed strong and my husband was steadfast. He did the best he could separate from ‘his rock’ that was me. He was a fish out of water but tried his best to just swim and keep producing just to hold on and not lose us…. his family.

This spoke volumes to me. He could’ve fallen to pieces and walked with my dissing him. Him mustering up just that much strength through adversity let me know he is the leader of our family and I better step up and bring something to the table.

Lifebook together with my husband is powerful. We’re sorting through and powering together to rekindle what we’ve known, and expect bigger things- things that mean more to us.

I know together we will own our Life Vision and, best yet, we will enjoy the journey on the way.

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