Mark Gets a New Life Perspective

Since I entered Lifebook I have had a great awakening in my life. I realized that I had been holding myself back and had left my inhibitions become the rulers of my life. I have since become aware of all my actions and the consequences they have on the long term. I now focus daily on creating powerful habits and keeping my goals in front of me at all times. I see my future almost as if I already am living in it, and I see that I am now on a journey to reaching that vision.

I am now in pre-production on three short films that I am Directing. I am pushing myself as a filmmaker and musician on a daily basis. I have solidified what I want in a relationship and ultimately what I want out of life and the VIP Bootcamp pushed me and guided me to creating a structure that will allow me to continue my journey towards my perfect life.

Mark Leja

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