Moving to Create a New Lifestyle

By: Teri Strenski

Before entering the Lifebook program, I really didn’t have a vision for my future. My husband and I are getting closer to retirement (within 5 years), and I had no vision whatsoever of what that next chapter might look like.

Lifebook gave me the tools to collect and examine my thoughts. I had an AH HA moment while on vacation in Northern Arizona that I need to live in a warmer climate, have an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, lots of hiking, archeology and exploration opportunities. Northern Arizona offers all of these and more.

I discussed my desire with my husband, and he agreed with my vision! Of course, I wanted to move immediately. But we have decided on a two year plan as we still have a child with two years of college to complete. I am now in the process of writing and implementing a plan to sell/donate our surplus of belongs, have work done on the house to get it ready to sell, and prepare our children for this change.

I am so excited about this goal. I can’t wait to go. The Lifebook process prepared me for the AH HA moment.
Favorite Quote: Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

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