Patrick’s big “slap in the face”

Throughout my life I have mistakenly, or arrogantly, assumed that I had certain things figured out. Then life steps in and slaps me in the face and awakens me to the fact that I am not as aware as I had thought. Life has been a constant progression through levels of understanding balanced by humbling events that reveal my lack of understanding. Every peak turns out to be nothing more than a plateau on the way to the next peak.

Then came the opportunity to participate in Lifebook’s VIP Bootcamp in January. It has been exhilarating, and as I set February goals I felt that I finally understood the discipline that successful goal attainment demands. The last week of February was a mess, however. I had forgotten to account for an event that would demand about 20 hours of my time that week. Everything fell apart that week and once again I was left with the realization that I did not know as much as i thought i did.

The good news is that I am much more clear on the pattern of my life. I will probably never be as smart as i think I am. I also can live with that. The idea that I have things figured out always energizes me and pushes me forward. That is a really good exchange. Having the weekly work and review of the VIP Bootcamp has made me more comfortable with failure. Right now I am happy to fail and realize I am closer to my goals. So what if I need to rewrite some of them , and get more realistic about some of them?

When I retook the Intraspect Assessment I had progressed from about an 80 to over 107. That would not have happened without Lifebook. And, I clearly see that there is plenty of room for more improvement. I know now that discipline, and action are the keys to progress. Who knows what I may know tomorrow. Between Intraspect and my year end rewrite of my Lifebook I realize that I am now happier and more successful than ever before, and there is more to come.

I love the growth process, both the ups and the downs. Sometimes it just takes me a little longer to realize I love the perceived downs.

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