Tamara Strachan’s Transformation




On October 31 I slept in. I wasn’t living my best life.  I wasn’t intentional about what I was eating.  Derek and I took our kids out trick-or-treating.  I dressed up as Albert Einstein and Derek dressed up as my chalkboard with E=MC2 written on it.  We had a lot of fun as a family although I was in pain walking throughout the neighborhood.  I happened to catch a glimpse of my reflection, Albert Einstein had a serious booty! I knew I was in costume but I hardly recognized the person staring back at me.  I had foot injury that lasted over a year and I wasn’t able to exercise like I was accustomed too.  I wasn’t able to walk without pain, it would keep me up at night.  I had so much inflammation in my body.   I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been weighing 175 pounds.  I wasn’t running, dancing and playing with my kids like I had in the past.  I was drinking a beer every day, sometimes two.  I was harboring frustration and disappointment with a situation that happened 2 years prior with our kids school.  I was sometimes up in the night going over and over the details trying to understand what happened.  On November 1 everything changed. That day Derek and I committed to taking charge of our health and fitness.  This Lifebook challenge came at a phenomenal time in our life.  We had already made significant changes, but this solidified our commitment.

My Health and fitness has significantly transformed.  I now weigh 140 pounds, 35 pounds lighter than I was on Nov 1st.  My foot injury that lasted over a year, which kept me up at night and nagged me all day, has cleared up. I had many symptoms because of all the inflammation in my body.  Aside from one week over the Christmas holidays where I allowed myself to follow the 80/20 rule as of November 1st, I have cut out caffeine, wheat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and almost all fruit (aside from lemon, coconut, avocado, and small trace of raspberry and pineapple that are in my green drink.)

I wake up every morning at 5 AM meditate, exercise, visualize, do my affirmations, and have green drink.

I track everything I eat and drink with Fitness Pal app.

Before going to sleep I have a goal streak app that I check off all of my daily habits.

I am strong, healthy, and energized. I can run, go on long walks, jump on the trampoline, play, and dance. I feel completely transformed energized and alive.

I have lost a total of 17.5 inches

Waist 27.5″

R Arm 11″

R Forearm 9″

Thigh 24.5″

Hip 36″

Chest 33″

I have lost 23 pound since Dec 1st

I now weigh 140!


TJ Post Photo 1

TJ Post Photo 3

TJ Post Photo 2

Intellectually, have instilled daily habits, I am consciously living with deep clarity presence and purpose.  I have devoured books over the last 90 days. I have been listening to audiobooks that inspire me while I work out, drive and make dinner.  I am doing Brian Johnson’s optimal living course.  I am fully intentional and conscious about the thoughts I am having.

I’m so proud of my character, the commitments and achievements I have made.  I am true to my word. I am living congruently. I have established tremendous willpower and discipline. I am growing and learning about myself more and more every day. I am committed to being my very best self.

Emotionally, I am so abundantly happy and filled with love. I have scanned my life and my emotions. I have come to a deep place of gratitude for what is and let go of what was.  I wrote too long letters of forgiveness love and kindness to the two people at our kids old school.  I expressed gratitude for what they had taught our kids and expressed appreciation.  Immediately after mailing the letters, I was released of negative emotions and felt an immediate weight lifted.  I am living fully and completely in joy and love.  If I have any feeling, in regards to anyone that feels the slightest bit negative I immediately flip it and send the person a blessing of happiness, health, joy and love.

Spiritually, I’m committed to meditating every day.  I am in a constant state of gratitude for this abundant life and the magic and wonder that surrounds me.  I do spend time in nature and stillness feeling harmony, connected and inspired.

Derek and my love relationship is on fire! Our love is growing deeper in deeper every day. We wake up together and begin our daily routine fully present with each other. We are passionate, committed and living with our hearts wide open. Our love is filled with bounty and abundance.  We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this summer and I plan to wear my wedding dress and celebrate.

Parenting, I am fully congruent. I am completely present with my kids. I’m eating healthy, exercising, learning, and growing.  I now am able to play full out, run, jump, and dance my heart out with them. This past year I wasn’t able to play like I have been. I will not let that be compromised again.  We live a joyful affectionate, gleeful abundant life together.

Socially, I have a community of excellence. I’m abundantly wealthy with my family and friends. The biggest thing I’ve noticed this past 90 days is that my friends are inspired and stepping into their own health and fitness goals as a result of this challenge. The ripple effect has been phenomenal.

Financially, I cut out my coconut chai latte’s, micro beer, and organic chocolate. I calculated what I was spending each month and it was $600. Yikes! That’s $600 is now in our pocket going towards a year of travel with our family.  Yes!

As my career, I homeschool our son Tai.  I have incredible energy and enthusiasm now. I wake up eager to start the day. As a role model for my kids I feel this is a joyful expression of how life is meant to be lived.

Everything is abundantly better with my quality of life since during this challenge. My life has improved in all levels. I feel reborn, I feel like I have a new life. I am pulsating with enthusiasm and have a serious bonfire in my belly.

I am crystal clear on my life vision and the person I am meant to be. I am healthy, fit, strong and filled with joyful love. My vision is to step into this big beautiful life to love with my whole heart be inspiring and inspired.  This is only the beginning on the path to a long and healthy, beautiful life lived with abundance.

Yesterday was the last day of the challenge. I woke up early, meditated, dripped in sweat as I exercised, listened to a stimulating thought provoking audio, visualized, had my green drink, drank an abundance of water, walked my daughter to school pain-free, jumped on the trampoline with my son, played at the park, danced my heart out in the kitchen with my family, looked at myself in the mirror with pride, wrapped my arms around my family, fell asleep in deep, deep gratitude.

Thank you Damion for putting this challenge on.  I am so deeply grateful.

Thank you for each person who participated in this challenge, I carried you with me each and every day.

Thank you to this beautiful Lifebook community.  Derek and I went through LIFEBOOK five and half years ago and I can say with absolute certainty that was one of the greatest decisions we ever made.

Let’s do another challenge now!!

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