The Four Spiritual Riches

Inspiration from soulmates and business partners – Renee Airya & Akira Chan

“Spirituality is my soul’s language. It holds my life, my identity, my actions, my experiences, all of it, in a perfect design that I am both creating and being created by.” Akira

“I am a universal broadcasting system to amplify the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Kindness, Intelligence, Beauty, Compassion, Creativity to inspire humanity to infinite possibilities.” Renee Airya

Just like a home, we as people need a sturdy foundation from which to live safely and securely. This place is found within our soul. From this mysterious place of truth, we can infuse each category of our life with magic. We offer the following 4 pillars to set your spirit ablaze so that you may become spiritually rich.

1. Meditation

Meditation seems to be the new black (or maybe for sacred purpose the new white 🙂 and for good reason. My life was transformed through the practice of meditation. And yours can be, too. Here’s my personal story:


I left my corporate job at age 21 to pursue meditation and the healing arts full time. I was meditating up to 6 hours a day at one point for almost a year. It changed my life because it changed ME. Or more accurately, it helped changed my perception of me.

Prior to meditation, I was on anxiety medication and constantly “busy” within myself even if I wasn’t busy. I was determined to experience the self actualization that Yogananda described in this book, “The AutoBiography of a Yogi”. That may sound counter intuitive but it’s true, I was an ambitious meditator!

The process of slowing down, sitting still and having dedicated space to witness my thoughts was invaluable. It gave me clear seeing about what was going on in my head. I then had the ability to shift limiting thoughts through my willpower and direct focus. I also started to hear my intuitive voice loudly and clearly. These gifts eventually started following me not only in meditation but into my waking life as well. I’ve lived as a more free, happy, connected woman. I have developed a strong character by getting to know my true self through daily meditation the last 20 years.

Meditation is Spirituality Witnessed.


Explore what meditation means to you.

Maybe it is going on silent walks. Maybe it is doing a craft like ceramics or singing. Or maybe it’s doing Transcendental Meditation. If you are already practicing meditation daily, what’s a next level for you?

2. Movement

“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.” – Martha Graham


Our bodies are access points to our souls.

Repeat: our bodies are access points to our souls.

Some may try and lead you to believe that we are here to transcend our bodies. Many people spend their entire lives trying to get away from being inside their physical form. This is not living in integrity with our whole and spiritual nature.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and also physical beings having a spiritual experience. It is one in the same. It is not one or the other but both. Spirit is Body and Body is Spirit. To be here now is to be in this body awake.

How do you feel when you see a beautiful, passionate dancer moving across the stage (or in the short video below this article)? It is mesmorizing! You can feel something otherworldly moving through them. That is spirit. It may be their own spirit, or it may be the universal spirit. And transcendence takes place as you witness the body being infused with spiritual nature… It is so breathtaking. It is so life giving.

Movement is Spirituality in Motion.


Create daily movement breaks.

This can be as simple as setting a timer every 2 hours to take a stretch break or a 5 minute walk. For longer activities, I recommend yoga, hiking, indoor rock climbing or dance twice a week.

Talk to your body during this time and really feel it. Open up a dialog with your body and ask how it is doing and what it needs to feel good.

3. Making Work Art

We spend most of our waking lives as adults “at work”.

But here’s the thing… we all have different ways that we experience work. We all have different standards on what we will do and who we will be at work.


For Akira and I, work means service. And service means bringing our full selves into our production company, projects and creations. We are the same people at work as in our personal lives. It is all one.

We have a tagline for our work together. It is “Rewinding Eternity” for ourselves and for those around us. This is an active statement. We are always striving to remember more, to bring continual enchantment. We believe that enchantment is the ultimate enhancement.

We take the time to listen and be present with clients and employees, asking how this can be a win for everyone. I always enter the event space before taking the stage for a professional speech to ask spirit for guidance so that the hearts of everyone attending are touched. In tough conversations or decisions, we ask to be connected to the highest truth and move from that place, even if it means financial loses. Nothing can take the place of integrity. And integrity is a spiritual alignment thing.

When we work with a sense of spiritual alignment, even the mundane becomes art. We have the power to make our work meaningful and fun by connecting with our spiritual virtues. This feels so good for all involved.

Work is Spirituality in Service.

Action: Inquiring questions:

  • What are your spiritual virtues?
  • Are you demonstrating these at and through your work?
  • What is your mission tagline?
4. Making Love

“Sex is a deep search to uncover, not only bodies but everything that is hidden.”
– Osho


Making love is the sacred union of connecting to self and other. It is a gateway to soul. It is an invitation into the mystery. It is heaven on earth in its healthiest expression.

Intimacy is the ultimate cultivation of presence and connection with your partner/beloved/lover. It is the opportunity to both hold and be held. It is an unveiling physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is so special.

Let yourself fall into cadence with their breath. Receive their love. Let yourself be seen. Let yourself see them. Melt into music. Listen to their heartbeat. Let go of fear and express a desire that is real for you. Be vulnerable. This is the experience that Osho mentions “uncovering the hidden”. It is spiritual.

PS…. You don’t even need to be nude to experience union. You don’t even need to be kissing. You just require full presence.

Akira and I have experienced making love to each other through a glance. In a moment of pure surrender and devotion, cellular organism can take place.

Making love is Spirituality Experiencing Itself.


If you are in a safe partnership, let yourself become even more vulnerable. What is one way you can become more intimate with your partner?

And if you are currently not in partnership, how can you unleash more sensual and intimate pleasure for yourself? Remembering that we are able to create sexual union with spirit through ourselves, too. We can make love to ourselves through dance, creating art or self-pleasuring.

You’re now on your way to Spiritual Richness through Meditation, Movement, Making Work Art, and Making Love!

We invite you into this visual art experience created especially for you called “Dancing with Spirits Voice”.

In love and devotion,

Renee Airya and Akira Chan
RARE Media. Revolutionary. Artistic. Relevant. Enchanting.

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