The Greatest Lessons from Lifebook, by Anna B.

First of all, I am truly grateful and happy for the entire Lifebook and Bootcamp process. It has given me indespensable new insights and clarity around the type of person I wish to become and the type of overall life that I wish to attain. The clarity has made me more grounded and peaceful inside, by setting out a clear vision, framework and effective step-by-step approach for life. Here are some of the lessons that the whole Lifebook process has given me:

Since I started Lifebook, I have become more conscious of:

1) The character traits that I wish to nurture and develop in order to feel happy and proud of myself as a person;
2) The emotional states that I wish to experience on a daily and continuous basis, and that there are in fact recipes for attaining each emotion (fascinating!);
3) The love relationship that I wish to have, and how I can act myself to develop these conditions (but also how I need to have my husband on board);
4) The importance of my spiritual well-being, and how meditation can help me not only become more “spiritually connected” but also help me attain a more peaceful and grounded emotional state (as well as gain more mental clarity, insights and positive energy);
5) How the twelve categories interact with one another in profound ways, not least the emotional, spiritual, physical, character, career and financial ones;
6) The many benefits of gaining still more clarity around how to be a good mother/parent and how my consciousness in this area can have many positive feedback loops for the entire family;
7) The importance of my social life for my overall well-being, and how I need to set up regular dates with friends to activate my social life at a conscious level to make things happen. Also, I became more clear about what type of social activities that I enjoy the most, that is musical concerts, dancing and photo exhibitions rather than for example theater plays and modern art museums.

Since I started Life Bootcamp, I have become more conscious of the following:

1) The overall enormous benefits of having clear goals in life (based on your life vision), and to set up your goals on a multi-annual, annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly basis;
2) The great benefits of having sacred daily habits/rituals, and to create a spreadsheet to follow them up on a daily basis – which in turn helps you to assess your weekly and monthly progress;
3) The benefits of working from your “Life vision”, all the way down to your daily and weekly habits (through the funnel of focus);
4) The benefits of having a master mind group or at least one accountability partner, whom you can report to and discuss your progress with; and
5) The importance of each and every category in life, and to be responsible for and work with each of them in parallel. Especially at times or in situations where you previously felt more like a “victim of circumstances” (e.g. when the children have a tough time in school and let it out emotionally at home), you can always influence the state of everyone around you by being aware of and in control of your own mindset and emotional state (your intellectual and emotional condition) and reminding yourself of how you wish to be as a person (i.e. your character traits, your parenting style, and your desired love relationship, e.g.). Here, Joe Dispenza’s meditations are really great for becoming clear on, developing and integrating your ideal behaviour and personality (thank you for that tip!).

Thank you so much for your amazing work at Lifebook! I am utterly grateful for everything that it has given : )

I would love to cross roads one day with you at the Lifebook team. <3

Warm wishes,


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