Why Almost All New Years Resolutions Fail — And What To Do About It!

It’s that time of year where millions of people are caught up in the same old goal setting frenzy…

They’re hoping to get their careers on track…
They’re hoping to finally lose that weight…
They’re hoping to get that raise or promotion…

Yet in a few short months from now, most of them will be no better off than when they started (one study even suggests that 80% of ALL New Year resolutions fail by February).

In this quick 2-minute video, I explain why almost all New Years resolutions are destined to fail, and offer a powerful alternative.

Watch the video below, and find out how you can take your most important goals to the next level by creating a clear and compelling vision for your entire life.

Wanna get in touch with what you truly want out of life in every important area — and to align your goals and actions with that powerful vision??

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No matter what your deepest wishes are for 2019 — whether you want to achieve greater levels of health and fitness, strengthen your love relationship, improve your parenting, or increase your financial abundance and your career fulfillment…

We truly believe that defining your Life Vision is the single most empowering step you can take for yourself in the New Year… and we would be so honored to help you do it!

Give yourself the gift of crystal clarity this New Year.

We truly hope to see you there!

-Jon and Missy Butcher
Lifebook Founders




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